How it all started!


Only a few weeks ago, after going to see Rhod Gilbert at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, I came up with the mad idea of running a 10 k race in each City in the UK over approximately one year, in aid of the very lovely Luca Williams. Luca is 3. He contracted meningococcal septicaemia in January of 2012, subsequently losing both of his legs.

His Dad started the most amazing campaign encouraging people to raise their hands For Luca and by doing so, increasing awareness of his situation. Many of us went to great lengths to encourage more and more famous people to write For Luca on their palms and let us take photos. Reading some of his Dad’s posts about Luca’s and the family’s progress have been the most touching and emotional reads I have ever experienced.

So,….that leads me back to Rhod Gilbert. I waited around after the show (with the entire rest of the audience it seemed!) to ask him to write on my ticket with best wishes for Luca. He had already heard of the campaign and had taken part. I had the idea of photographing the ticket he signed and me travelling with it to more and more outlandish places (you know, like the guys who steal Gnomes and take them travelling – just slightly more weird). Anyway over the weekend that idea morphed into the Ten K tour for two legs for Luca.

Do you know, there are 66 cities in the UK – my geography was (and is) terrible so this was the first of my learning points. Secondly, not all Cities have formal 10k races so I am going to have to be a bit creative in order to complete my challenge. Thirdly, a large amount of the 10k races are on the same days so again, completing this in around a year seems fraught with difficulty (obviously it also means that I will have pretty much no time off for the whole of the challenge)

Anyway, a meeting with my (very clever) sister brought up some creative solutions to all the above problems (including the 66 cities in 66 months which gives me a bit more time) and these will be revealed later (still a work in process really)

Currently my main tasks are

1) Training plan (kind of key)

2) Planning the first couple of months of races

3) Getting backers to support me

I am approaching a number of well known people to support my efforts and to hopefully raise the profile of Luca’s chairity which is aimed at buying him some new legs (he wants blue ones) and going towards chairs and prosthetics and other stuff he needs over the years ahead.

Anyway, I have chosen the people to approach (sports, comedy and music icons to cover most peoples interests). Am excitedly and nervously waiting for my first answer – will be devastated if they decline..

Next step is meeting with a trainer in a couple of days to discuss a training plan….will let you know how it all goes. In the mean time, read about Luca and follow him on:

and my fundraising site:

Just a quick update – the good things – got two people saying yes to their handprints being on the back of my running shirt as supporters for Luca’s cause and my challenge.  The bad thing – my trainer hasn’t done me a programme for training so have had to go online to find one. Think I will pop in the gym tomorrow to book with a trainer for an S and C bit to it.  Oh yes, Kerry (my sister) is doing a prototype shirt for me – yay!  Oh yes, my mam is worried that the challenge wont be good for my health and I will get a bit tired and injured…….! She says this is a mothers concern.  Mam – I am 47 – you don’t have to worry! x

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