The story continues!

Well,  its been a while. Since I last talked to you,  I have hung around stage doors, stalked on twitter and generally made a complete nuisance of myself to 9 rather lovely celebrities who have all agreed to support my challenge to raise money for Luca. 

To be fair – they have all made my job very very easy and have all been more than willing to help.  When the time comes I will tell you who they all are and thank them profusely. 

I am now in week 3 of training – still not a fan of running but its getting a bit easier (kind of!)

I have had some physio advice and am getting a strength and conditioning programme designed.  I have bought some more trainers which was essential and am thinking of trying (carefully) the five finger shoes – will think about that!

Finally the Queen has named 3 more Cities as part of the Jubilee celebrations – thanks to my Mam for bringing that to my attention so now I have to run in 69 cities not 66……………..yay?

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