The training programme!

Well – still seems a bit overstating it to say I am following a training programme but I am! Makes me feel like an athlete – mind you – I am still at the run 3 mins walk 2 mins so any delusions of grandeur I have are quickly dispelled by that and the fact that my estimated time for 10k is currently around 80 or 85 minutes – think my 9 year old niece could walk it quicker!

I went to body pump for the second time on Friday night –  pushed myself harder this time and was rewarded with arms and legs that appeared to work entirely independently of my brain trying to control them. Took me 5 minutes to walk down the 2 steps from the gym as had no glut or leg control and thought I was going to fall flat on my face.  By the time I got back to the flat, the arm lack of control had kicked in and I couldnt coordinate a spoon to my mouth to eat my yoghurt so I had to suck it through a straw!

I cleaned the flat crawling around on my hands and knees as reaching down from standing height was impossibly painful!

Does this mean I am going in the right direction? Training is supposed to hurt isnt it?…………

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