My new weekly update!

Following the advice of a great expeditionist and inspiration (Richard Parks) I am going to do a regular update of my blog on a Monday evening.

Although I have not started my challenge yet, training is going well.  Well, not exactly well.  Last week I had a serious case of legs not working on my second run of the week – it was incredibly difficult to get any physical activity going in the aforementioned limbs – it made my 30 mins of run / walk very long and very disspiriting (is that a word?)  Anyway – I took the next day off and decided to paint my bathroom. Fell throught the toilet seat, foot went down the u bend and the rest of my body (and my paint) crumpled/ fell backwards over the front of the toilet landing in a heap / mess on the floor – all I could think was – please dont let my foot be broken before I even start – fortunately – some rest and ice later and all was well – the bathroom floor however is now covered in dry paint – hmmmmm

Sundays run went really really well.  Again on Mr Park’s advice I bought some compression tights  – they add an hour to training time due to the getting them on factor, but they were awesome.  However, in the usual rollercoaster fashion of my life,  after crawling about on the floor at a training day today,  I have a pain in my inside knee – worryingly cartilage like in nature so am off to bed to hope it miraculously disappears.I feel I am getting unreasonably obsessed with any ache or pain these days!

Oh yes, finally, good news on the handprint front – looks like I can get a t shirt mock up printed to look at and am almost in possession of my 9 supporters handprints – I have to say they have all been totally awesome and have Luca’s name and theirs on a small piece of paper that I put on the treadmill to look at when I am runnning to remind myself that this is all about Luca and his legs and to stop selfishly thinking of myself and my aches and pains!

Luca’s dad has put some very touching posts on facebook this week – mostly I read them in tears.  Am turning into a sentimental old fool I fear!

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