My second weekly update!

Well it has been a great week – I have increased my distances in training (I would like to say less things hurt but that is not true!).  I can now run for 9 minutes and walk for 2 minutes x 3 – yayyyyy! – I know to all you sporty types this is not much of an achievement but to me it is a major milestone – I am sorry to all you runners out there but the minute I start to run,  I am incredibly bored and those minutes are very, very long.  I have a little list with Luca’s name and my handprint givers on (think I told you that?) so that when I start to think violent anti running thoughts,  they just remind me of how important it is to keep going.  I am going to aim to raise £69,000 for Luca so that he can have some properly sporty legs and chairs. Reading his Dad’s reports  give me a little insight into what it must be like to be a parent – so I am going to “adopt” Luca in my mind and hopefully help out a little – will be begging you all for “loadsamoney” once I get going.  First race set for Sheffield – 2nd of Sept – day before my birthday.  Aim to finish 69 weeks later – seems so easy when you write it in a sentance like that!

I have got now 8 out of my 9 handprints – spent the weekend running (not literally yet) around Wales and lurking suspiciously at various stage doors, events and hotels to find my final people to draw round their hands.  Everyone has been super patient (many apologies to the supporter who I managed to really annoy by my persistance this week – you know who you are and this is a very public sorry – I have got a bit obsessed with Luca to be honest and I forget that you are all kindly giving up your time to do this for me).

Everyone has been super kind and on Sunday – one of my supporters even offered to pay for my T Shirts – I was totally gobsmacked – how generous is that?  Amazing and lush and totally a fan of yours forever now – you can do no wrong in my eyes!

Will let you know who they all are when my T shirts are done (waiting on the post to deliver the last handprint….oh dear!)

Signing off for another week of hopefully finishing T shirt design and getting to printers, more training and hopefully more races organised and entered

See ya x

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