Update as the Olympics start

Well it’s been 2 weeks so sorry about that. Been moving out my flat, finishing life in Manchester and moving back home to Wales – soooooo happy.  In between have upped the training – now running 18mins and walking 2 mins although actually ran 2 miles on the roads on Sunday (soooo much harder than the treadmill!) and did it in 23 minutes so not too shabby for an uncoordinated, joint aching non runner!  Going to Yoga and pump too and the upside is I can eat pretty much anything and not increase my weight – always a novelty! Am trying to eat properly though as find it very difficult to run if not eaten “good stuff”.

Got all handprints and the guys at total workwear in Spytty are going to do me a good price for the shirts and screen print them so in addition to the totally lovely Wynne Evans paying for the shirts,  I feel extremely lucky.  Kerry (my sis) has made a great design and also helped with my Geography deficits (hmmmm)

Am working at the Olympics at the moment so feel really very amateur in comparison with the greatness about me but am having a fab time.  Accidently “met” Prince Charles and the Prime Minister which was pretty cool.  Took a picture for Luca at the Mall start/finish for the Road Cycling so that he could share in that moment as it was pretty cool

Will hopefully write next Monday but in reality it will probably be the week after – will be running in the streets again (prob Guildford and Ealing) so that will be interesting.  Bought magnet supports for my knees (such a sucker for anything that might help with the pain – I am an advertisers dream!)

Speak soon – only 5weeks to go till challenge starts – still on 2 miles max so think the training is about to up the intensity – oh yay.

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