The final week before the Challenge!

Well – it has been some time since I last wrote and am in fact starting my challenge in 6 days time (in fact will be lining up ready to start this time on Sunday!) Very, very nervous

Had an amazing time at the Olympics – saw so many proper athletes – makes my challenge seem a little underwhelming really but at least hopefully Luca will get some legs/a chair/something useful to use along the way to wherever he wants to go and to whatever he wants to achieve

Looking at my last post, I have improved training wise quite a bit.  Have run round bits of Guildford and bits of Ealing whilst at the Olympics and yesterday did a 10k run on the treadmill in the Gym (75 minutes – not the greatest, but was continuous and a PB for me!).  I am a little worried today as have quite bad groin pain (actually started at around 7k but wanted to complete a 10k regardless) so going to take it a bit easier this week (my form of tapering – ha ha – what an athlete!)

Have started to spin instead of jog 3 times a week as my knees have started to puff up a bit and have a bit of fluid in (very attractive) to add to the pain, and so getting a bit worried that this untrained body wont hold up for the 69 weeks.

However,  when I become self obsessed and in danger of believing I am important,  I think of Luca.  I am undertaking a voluntary challenge that has a defined beginning, middle and end and in fact could stop at any point.  Luca is undertaking a challenge every day for the rest of his life and did not choose to undertake it.  That is a humbling thought – especially when I read his Dad,s lovely posts about their totally changed life.  As a child,  Luca has such a lovely (and sometimes heartbreaking) straightforward approach to obstacles that occur daily and I can only begin to imagine how his mam and dad must feel watching him go through this and knowing that out there can be a cruel world at times.

My thoughts on this – I have friends and acquaintances currently (very excitedly) in the Paralympic Village waiting for the Games to begin.  Many have been in Luca’s situation and have gone on to achieve whatever they wanted /felt they could.  Whatever Luca wants to achieve,  I want him to not have to worry about equipment or facilities to do just that.  If that pressure can be taken off him and his family then hopefully they can all go through life only concentrating on the things that they want to.

See you next week…………………..


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