Let the challenge begin…..

Well here I am in Sheffield ready to run my first 10k tomorrow – hotel and transport all organised by, and care of my lovely sister (my new “challenge coordinator”) and my brother in law and my lovely niece (here with Finlay the bear dressed in a suit with a hand raised for Luca!)

Am ridiculously nervous as tomorrows start means that the 69 week countdown begins and the whole challenge becomes a reality.  Not much of a challenge to many of you – but a pretty big one to me (69 10k races in the 69 Cities of the UK in 69 weeks to raise £69,000 for Luca in case you hadn’t got that bit!!!)

Luca – I hope you are enjoying the Paralympics – I am aiming to raise £69,000 towards your fund so that you can have all the necessary equipment (legs/chairs etc etc) so that one day  you may be there representing us if that is what you want (or to help enable you to be doing whatever you want to be doing).

In a weekend that has seen one of my friends get Gold at London and the Womens’ Basketball team win,  I hope that tomorrow is also as successful

See you on the other side! Nos da/goodnight x

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