Post run thoughts …..

That was tough – it was hot in Sheffield and it also has hills – we didn’t run up or down many but having mainly trained in the gym – the road was very very different. There was a slight head wind to run into for the first 5k and I was also tired after 2 nights poor sleep. I got stitch for the first time in all the runs I have done and this started at 2k which was not good. From 5k onwards I kept thinking “just one more k then I will walk for a bit” but in the end I thought that Luca wont ever have a choice to say – let me have my old legs back for just this once, so I thought the least I could do was try and run the entire thing and not give up. Have to say the last kilometre of “gentle incline” on the return loop nearly broke me – thought it would never end.

I felt a lovely feeling of the bigger picture of what I was running for, when at 3k I was overtaken by an amputee running with no prosthetic but using his crutches – it demonstrated to me the joy of all of us taking part together and against each other and also made me realise that Luca will be able to do pretty much whatever he wants to which was cool.

Finally, what made the day and weekend so much more fab was my lovely sister and brother in law and my niece all being there – Finlay the bear in his outfit also rocked up to cheer me on – couldn’t have done it without your military precision organising Kerry and thanks for stopping the car for me to be sick on the journey up Paul – sorry about that!

Off to bed if I can get out of the chair – slight issue with the soreness at present!

Running in Salford next week – bring it on ….I think!

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