Post Salford run – 2nd run!

Well – this last week has been pretty horrific from a post race point of view.  Pain in my legs took till Thursday to settle despite a massage and 2 spin classes and sleeping in my compression tights.  Sleep was affected as I took a painkiller that must have done something to my mind coz I spent the Sunday night lurching from one nightmare to another.  Will suffer the pain in future!  Went to bodypump on Saturday (despite being advised not to as that might be why my legs felt so awful in the race) and took it relatively easy on the leg stuff but hit the arms hard (made walking much better but eating / hand to mouth coordination suffered a lot!)

Missed my family driving me to and from and supporting and organising but thanks to Matt for letting me crash at his house to save me finding more hotels.

Was super nervous before this run and think it was coz there was no one dressed in fancy dress and everyone had things like ManTri, Chorlton Runners or Sale Harriers on their shirts which was very worrying- I didn’t have my sister there to calm me down so by the time I got to the start I was a bit of a state.  To be fair, that might be why the timing became an  issue at the end of the race (see later)

The race itself was totally different to last week. Apart from the course being flat – a major advantage – I also felt heaps better.  So much so that I went off at a bit of a mad pace which caused me to have a few issues around the 6 k mark.  This time my runkeeper worked and kept me up to date with intervals – telling me times, pace and KM passed (unlike last week where it was silent until 10k when it annouced I had passed my first interval – very, very un useful!)

Anyway, compared with last week this was so much better and I felt great (although it was still hard work from 6 k on) pretty much all the way.  Due to some kind of cock up – probably mine – my runkeeper said I had done 9.88 K at the end of the race when I had passed through the finish line – I kept worrying that people might think I had cheated so I came out of the line for the “goody bags” and did a couple of laps round the nearby buildings to make sure I was over the 10k – think I might have lost it a bit!

Met a great guy who took my finish foto for Luca, listened patiently to me tell him Luca’s story and then agreed to send on all Luca’s details to all his facebook friends to drum up support and hopefully money!  I think the poor soul felt sorry he ever started a conversation. Drove 3 hrs home, went for a jacuzzi and swim at the gym and feel pretty good.

Luca’s dad posted a really lovely update yesterday – he described the feeling of being a parent (generally but also specifically to Luca) in such a beautiful and emotional way and I had a good cry before bed.  Maybe thats why today I was so determined to have a good race for Luca.

Nite /  Nos Da x

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