Post Stirling run – 3rd run!

Well what a week!  I felt amazing on the day of the Salford run but the next day it all started to unravel!  At first I had pain in both quads so I thought ok, just muscle soreness- I can go with that.  Went to jacuzzi, had a bit of a swim and generally took it easy.  By Tuesday the pain had worsened in just the left hip so got a bit worried. Stupidly tried to work it off by doing spin and pilates (sorry to Rick – the physio at Sale who got a panicked text in the middle of his evening asking him if he thought it would be ok to go to pilates – think I had lost it again by that point!)

Didnt do much the rest of the week and the pain settled to a nagging ache but when I ran over the road to get to my car and it hurt on Saturday I realised that the Sunday run might be an issue and more importantly so might the challenge.  I can’t quite believe how devastating I am finding that thought – it has become so, so important to get the money for Luca – its a bit obsessional really!

Anyway – flew to Glasgow, hired a car, drove to Falkirk, stayed in a hotel and drove to Stirling for the race. Weather awful before race – I was so, so cold I put on all the clothes I had and was going to run in  my raincoat.  Fortunately the sun came out for the hour of the race and I then overheated – also had to tie the raincoat to  me as had no one to give it to.  This was a proper race with proper runners and again the nerves of being last hit me.  This was especially as by 2k my left hip was in agony and it took all of my psyche to keep going for the rest of the run.  I had already decided that I wasnt going to go for a fast (in my terms!) race and that if the worst came to the worst I was going to walk it as there was no way I was coming back to Stirling to do it again – far too far!!!.  By 6k both hips were in pain and those last 4 k were horrific.  A guy kept overtaking me then walking for a bit then overtaking me again. This would have been fine except everytime he slowed to a walk it was directly in front of me and I had to sidestep round him.  By this time the only way to stay relatively pain free was to run in one direction and lifting my legs to get up kerbs and keep sidestepping the annoying guy nearly broke me!

What kept me going once more was the reason I am doing the challenge – Luca.  I kept thinking I couldnt let him down and so concentrated on following the double yellow lines on the road and kept going to the finish.  Again my runkeeper said I had only done 9.88k at the end of the race so I had to keep on running/ limping / jogging round the car park until it said 10k!.  Saw a physio at the finish line who says I have a hip flexor problem – probably because of the training and the regular running that I have never done in my life before – despite the rehab, yoga, pilates etc.  He also suggested the spin class to wear the pain off wasnt my best idea.

I am hoping to see a physio this week to see if I can get some regular treatment as I cant stop now.  I looked on facebook at the finish and Luca’s dad had posted the most lush foto ever of Luca and a good luck wish – I stood there and cried!  Yep – probably not the best idea to go back to Stirling – I think they thought I was some kind of freak – I just kept waving my fone and saying “lovely picture, lovely picture, lovely picture” like I was in some kind of trance.  Oh well – at least I will never meet these people again !

So, a quiet week for me Luca and I expect a busy one for you.  I hope to see you next week for the first time in person – I am super excited! We will see how the week goes…

Oh, a final thanks so much to all of those giving money for Luca’s new blue clip on legs. We love you all! x

)Oh, and an additional thanks to my lovely sister and brother in law who interupted their weekend to take me to and from Bristol airport – made the whole travel experience much less stressful – diolch yn fawr iawn!)


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