Post Swansea – week 4

Well – what a week again.  This week I felt horrid. Tired and run down and worried that my legs hurt and that I might not be able to do the Swansea run and beyond. Post Stirling I was in a world of pain and through the hard work of my lovely physio and masseur who have kindly donated time and treatment for free (thank you so so much Jeremy Williams and Steve Prosser –  you are amazing), I actually got to the starting line at Swansea.

Jeremy gave me a whole load of stretches to do and I was really being a moaner about them and then it struck me – Luca HAS to do this day in and day out, with proper pain and with a necessity about it that does not not let him have a day off or a half hearted effort and so what on earth am I complaining about.   I am so self absorbed sometimes (she says, writing about herself on a blog!) but thinking of Luca puts so much into perspective.  I had the most amazing laughing lush pic sent me by Luca’s dad last week as you know, and I now have it as my screen saver.  I was really tired on thursday morning and the picture that greeted me of Luca’s lovely face gave me a lift I could almost physically feel.

I met him today. I met Luca and Zack and Sian and Mo.  It is difficult to describe how I felt about that.  They drove to Swansea to support my running – the weather was horrific  – there is so much else for them all to be doing – but they came to say Hi.  I think this sums up this family.  Despite all that has happened and is happening to them – they think of everyone else.  Mo wrote the most emotional post on facebook tonight.  Not for the first or last time I cried so much.  The painful conversations that he and Luca have and the progress and setbacks both in physical but also psychological aspects of Luca’s illness and its consequences are so beautifully written about and so honest.  Today Mo thanked me (not for the first time).  I really dont deserve the lovely things he says or the praise he gives me – the challenge is all about Luca and raising his profile and giving him the opportunity to have the physical additions to his life that might help the psychological challenges that he will inevitably face.

Even after such a short meeting,  I cant think of better parents for Luca (and Zack) to face these challenges with.  Mo and Sian, you and the boys are the reason that so many of us are doing these mad things to help.  This is all about you and them and not about us.  It takes some pretty amazing people to inspire so many to do so many crazy things (including sky diving, all night footy, running the length of the country – all pretty mad if you ask me!)

So here we are, the end of another week.  Thank you to all of those people helping me to raise Luca’s profile.  To Mo, Sian, Luca and Zack for meeting me today, to my sister and brother in law for braving positively winter conditions to ferry me to and from Swansea, to Rhod Gilbert for publicising Luca’s challenge despite the email to his BBC Radio Wales show being sneaked in under the guise of taking part in a completely unrelated feature, to Wynne Evans for persistantly looking at ways of making Luca’s challenge known about and to all the other people who gave me handprints – Mark Colbourne, John Owen-Jones, Charlotte Church, Gareth “Alfie” Thomas, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Richard Parks and Danny Lydiate, thank you for re tweeting the challenge details to make Luca’s challenge known.

Onwards and upwards – literally – Inverness next week! See you after x

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