Post Inverness week 5 ….

Well this is a bit late.  To say the least!

The lead up to Inverness was a mass of girly hormonal melt down!  Everyone was busy this week so I had the task of getting myself to and from airports, to and from the race and generally fending for myself.  It was a bit of a shock!

I was super super tired because my troublesome hips woke me up everytime I turned over so all my nights were of broken sleep.  Work was really busy and a general communications breakdown meant that my appointment with my lovely physio and masseur got really quite messed up.  Did I cope? No – not at all – I cried, felt sorry for myself and then cried some more.  I retreated into a world of generally feeling sorry for myself and actually this only started to lift when I finally drove to the airport to go to Inverness.

Inverness itself was beautiful and I slept well and felt quite up for the run.  However,  I had taken the whole of the week off exercise-wise after my physio answered my ” can I do spin” text with “no, madwoman”.  From that point of view, after the awesome massage from Steve and a week of no classes, my legs felt amazing.  Unfortuneately, my ability to run, retain any aerobic fitness or even desire to keep going somewhat deserted me at about 5k.  The rest was miserable – I overheated as it had been colder pre race so I wore loads and then I had no one to give it to when the sun came out so I had on thermals, hat, rainjacket and woolly hat which I had to carry with me around as the sun got hotter!  I was in a horrid mood by the end which was sad because the event was amazingly organised and I had actually completed my 5th week of running for Luca which was pretty cool.

Any way, picked up my free baxters soup (sponsors of the event) and walked a couple of miles to the bus station (yep, got lost as usual) then got a bus to the airport and pretty much ate the contents of the restaurant whilst waiting for the plane home.  Had to leave the soup behind (not allowed through customs) which was a shame as it looked lush (and it was free so can’t knock that!).  Offered it to the guy manning the departure gates and he sighed and said “what flavour is it this year then?”.  Apparently the day is called Souper Sunday and no, I was not the only one to offer what I thought would be a welcome gift  of soup….!

A couple of Luca’s dad’s posts this week pretty much finished me off.  His writing of what is happening in their lives and what is ongoing (Luca’s desire to have “normal” legs, more surgery, planning all the steps of Luca’s neverending rehab etc) is so eloquent and touching.  It makes me cry.  Then I felt really really bad about all my weeks moaning and self pity.  Bloody hell – what have I got to be complaining about.

A few swift mental kicks up the backside have got me back on track and more determined than ever to get Luca his money.  PLEASE HELP ME!

In all my self absorbed musings, I realised this week that I have forgotten some of the most important people helping my challenge – my mam and dad.  At 48, I have to be the oldest child still to be proving a total pain in the backside to their parents (Luca take note!)

This week they have decided to cash in some premium bonds to help finance my travel to run the races for Luca.  How amazing is that? They have paid for some flights, given money for food and for transport and generally supported  (including getting to grips with “watching” me race on runkeeper live – no mean feat for a mam who only a few years ago sent me her first text after finally mastering the art.  That is said “this is a text” didnt make me appreciate it any the less)  So here it is – me saying thank you mam and dad – luv you!

Onwards and upwards lovely Luca – a big big week for you so will be running my heart out on Sunday for you in Edinburgh lovely boy xxx

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One Response to Post Inverness week 5 ….

  1. wendy says:

    I think you are amazing doing this for Luca. A little boy that you did not know but was inspired by, through the touching, heart wrenching and definately inspring words of his dad. I will keep giving as often as I can for you. You are inspiring toooooo 🙂

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