Post Edinburgh week 6…..

Well lovely Luca – this has been a big week for you and your family- more surgery – part of a long and ongoing process as you continue to grow.  I hear from your Dad’s posts that you were very brave and strong.  I also got a small idea of how hard it is for Dad and Mam to keep up their strong and brave front – I hope that they are looking after themselves too – often they are the people that they forget about and so you must make sure that you tell them to rest properly and to eat properly so you can all do this together.

I ran in Edinburgh for you this week.  The week before the run was actually pretty good – my lovely physio and masseur (Jeremy Williams and Steve Prosser) totally got my legs and back in some kind of condition to work this week.  Would have been properly struggling without them.  They have also donated their time free of charge – how amazing is that? Unbelievable, lovely and much, much appreciated.

I have also had some lovely help from proskins who make compression tights and they gave me a good discount off some of their special tights so I can wear them to run and also to recover in as I am needing all the help I can get!  Thank you so much!

I didn’t do much except swim this week – very frustrating but really noticed that I hadn’t done anything the week before and struggled big time in Inverness last week.

Well that side of things paid off and actually legs and fitness both felt quite good on the flight to Edinburgh.  What I didn’t even factor in was hills.  I didn’t even think about it as I was walking round Edinburgh for the day yesterday!  I did really start to think about it on the walk to the starting line which was around half an hour from my hotel. Got lost (no change there then) so just followed people in lycra.  Got chatting to 2 girls who had done the course before (big mistake in hindsight!) who described the hilly course with relish!

Hills made up a lot of the walk to the race and I was a little concerned to say the least.  As fast as I sort something out (like wearing a bin bag to keep warm), then something else pops up and today it was hills (literally)- had not even thought about this before and all my races have been quite lush and flat.  The guy on the PA mentioned the hills around a million times during the warm up and even that didn’t prepare me for the course.  Actually, I think it would probably be quite mild to those who are proper runners but to me a 1k of solid incline (at least twice during the race) was pretty hard work indeed. Ironically, although once I got over the top I wasn’t so much running as being propelled forward at an impossibly fast rate, I had to work really really hard to slow down as my painful/swelling/warm knees  screamed every step of the downward journey so this was actually far worse than the uphill bit!

See – that’s me all over – never happy!  Luca – you have a lesson or two to teach me about patience and complaining when I actually have something proper to complain about, I tell you!

My lovely sister, brother in law and niece picked me up from Cardiff which was luxurious (Kerry had taken me to the airport to fly out which made all the difference) and I am now writing this having done 2 lots of 5 minutes in a bath of freezing water (to all the proper athletes I have worked with ever,  I am so sorry that I made you ice bath and told you to stop complaining when you said it hurt – I totally appreciate your pain now!).

The only down side to being home? My post.  Speeding ticket for doing 35 in a 30 last week.  Arrrrrggggh.  It is a notice of impending intention to prosecute.  That means I won’t sleep with worry now.  Oh dear!

Hope to see Luca and the family this week and am going to a Party Night for him on Friday – looking forward to that sooooo much.  Next stop Glasgow (taking mam with me so nothing can go wrong!)

See ya next week. Oh,  please can you ask anyone you know to help me raise the £69,000 for Luca’s new legs.  Much appreciated.

This weeks other thanks are to my lovely lovely backers who are busily retweeting and generally helping me raise the profile of my challenge

Danny Lydiate (get well soon lovely)

Mark Colbourne (helping me with nutrition advice as well as supporting Luca and his challenge)

Tanni Grey-Thompson (thank you)

Charlotte Church (thanks for everything)

John Owen-Jones (solidly retweeting every irritating tweet I send the poor soul)

Wynne Evans (fab programme on this week about this lovely, lovely man – he has paid for my T shirts so adore him forever for that kindness)

Gareth “Alfie” Thomas (thank you)

Richard Parks (training madly for a solo trip to Antarctica – now THAT is a proper challenge!)

Rhod Gilbert (always kindly supporting Luca all the way despite his ridiculously manic schedule (Rhod’s not Luca’s, although actually …..      )


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  1. wendy says:

    Well done are brill

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