Post Glasgow week 7

Well Luca Williams – what a busy week eh?  Your dad as always, made me cry with his beautifully written diary for you.  So many people have suggested he makes his entries into a book and I totally agree.  That bond will stick with all members of your family always – in so many ways out of this totally awful situation has grown the strongest and most loving family unit ever.

You have also been a busy man I see – supporting all those people that ran the Cardiff half marathon (sooooo many miles!) this weekend and then the amazing Felix Baumgartner and his tribute to you – one day you will sit back and hopefully revel in  the efforts that you have inspired in people –  you deserve everything good that happens to you.

I would have hoped that with your example, I might have turned into a nicer person but unfortunately you still have a lot to teach me!  I ran for you in Glasgow this weekend and my mam came with me.  Instead of revelling in our time together,  despite an awesome day together on Saturday, on Sunday I reverted to my moody and irritable teenage!  I could blame it on race nerves, on the freeziness that was the weather before the race, on the general grumpiness of feeling very unlike running that day or on getting lost in the taxi on the way to the race because the signposting was …………..interesting to say the least.

Bottom line is that in all my giving to you, I then took my own mam for granted (in fact I had a similar facial expression to the one that you had when you first met me – but  you had so many more legitimate reasons to wear that expression on that freezing day in Swansea – oh, and you snapped out of it far more quickly that I did I’m afraid).

So, I turned what in fact was a pretty awesome weekend into one that had parts I am sure mam would love to forget.  Sorry mam is all I can say.

My mam and my Aunt both have multiple sclerosis – they are affected very differently but each have to cope with great difficulties that this disease has put upon them.  My Aunty has to use a chair to get around.  We experienced a huge amount of the difficulties that poses when she came to visit last weekend.  I experienced the difficulties both have to contend with on a daily basis both from their own battle to adjust / accept / cope with their conditions but also in relation to other peoples perceptions of their difficulties (including my own)

I think that is partly why I want you never to worry about the money side of dealing with your difficulties – I know there is so much out there that will be put in your way and at least if all of us can help to alleviate a little bit then hopefully you can deal with a lot of the rest.  I know that my mam and aunt (and by default my dad and my uncle) do a pretty amazing job of dealing with their difficulties and I have no doubt that you (and your family) will do the same.

Interestingly, the race in Glasgow was like a lot of the others so far in that the weather was horrible before and after but for the hour of running it was sunlit and lovely – I think of that as your influence shining over and helping my challenge to help you – see – told you I was becoming sentimental in my old age!

On a more practical note – my knee is properly hurting this week.  I have been madly texting my physio interupting his normal daily life with regular messages as to what I think is wrong.  His patience has been sorely tried today and I think he may be blocking my number (some of you helping me along the way with my challenge may recognise that temptation and / or response to my very very annoying persistant stalking/ idea developing/ questions etc)  Have to see my physio tomorrow to apologise and also for a check up.

Am running in Norwich on Saturday this week.  This is a park run.  These are 5 k organised park races and so I will be  with a few people to start then I will do the second 5k alone.  Actually that is not what is happening this week. This week I am running with my friend from Uni – Ewan (only yesteday as I remember him, he was a practical joking young fresher – now he is a plastic surgeon – mad eh?)  Any way, Ewan is running with me for the whole 2 circuits which I am very excited about (particularly as I am relying on his memory to get me round the second circuit as I am sure I will forget the route. I am also a bit worried he will be watching from some time from the finish line having finished a great deal earlier than me!  Whatever happens with my knee I will be doing this 10k  – I will walk it or run it – depending on knee status – so will let you know!

This week my sister Kerry made up “business cards” with details of my fundraising and also of your website etc.  They are amazingly cool and she and her hubby are currently forcing them into the hands of anyone they meet UK wide – thanks to both for your amazing support.  I also ran for the first time in my new “proskins” – a player I used to work with is part of this company and they let me buy some leggings and a top for running in at a really good price (I wanted them for now the weather is getting colder) – they were fab (also looked pretty cool with your running shirt – I almost believed I was a runner! Ha ha – talk about believe your own hype!)  Oh, Kerry and I went to a party night for you on Friday night – it was fab! Really nice food, very funny Owen Money and some fab music – a great night out!

Anyway,  am off now for a week of swimming only (knee has now ruled out biking as well as running apart from on race day), eating properly and some very early nights, in amongst a lot of icing of knee and stretching.

Have a lovely week Luca, Zak, Sian and Mo – take care of yourselves and see ya next week xxx

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