Post Worcester week 8

Well, this hasn’t been quite the week I planned! Went to work ok on Monday then on Tuesday felt horrid all morning.  By the afternoon I had a horrid tummy bug so I went to bed and stayed there until Thursday evening.  It was awful (oh, and yes, Luca – I felt very sorry for myself and was not at all brave like yourself)

This week Luca’s dad’s posts were even more heart wrenching.  I read one before going to bed on Thursday and woke myself crying later in the night as I had been going over the words.  I see from facebook that we all pretty much feel the same way about what he says so we are all hoping he makes this into a book for you (and others) to one day read

I was supposed to run in Norfolk with my friend Ewan this week.  As I felt so horrid,  I had to cancel as the thought of 5 hours on the train feeling like I did, really was not do-able.  Instead I left it until Saturday morning to decide if I was going to go to Worcester and do a “park run”.  This is an organisation that do 5 k runs every Saturday in a number of parks across the UK (and beyond). I had not experienced these before and it was fab! If the knees survive this challenge, I might take these 5k’s up!  Obviously being a 5k meant I had to do it twice.  As it was,  I knew I couldn’t run it as I hadn’t eaten enough to train properly let alone run and I didn’t want to go mad and then be ill again (am sure work would have been none too happy!)

I turned up at Worcester Woods Country Park and despite the foggy journey, the park was lush! I completely recommend it.  I ran the first 5k at more of a leisurely jog/plod, trying to remember the route so that I could do it a second time when the actual race finished – well, not the best idea I have ever had. Totally forgot the route and although the very kind gent said I could go back into the woods following the arrows again, it turned out most had been removed and I had no idea at all where I was going. At least I guess it made doing the 10k easier as I did a lot of walking up and down trying to get out!  I got there eventually (my time for the 10k was horrific!) and felt a lot better for having made the effort – to be fair the second half was predominantly walking but it was the thought that counted!

Talking of thoughts that count,  this week so many people have been good to me it has been amazing.  Vivomed gave me ice bags and holders for my very, very painful knee – )which is actually a bit of a worry but I am currently ignoring it and hoping that my rest week in Tenerife the week after next will miraculously heal it completely….), proskins did a next day delivery of a new top to the hotel we were staying in in Glasgow to replace the faulty one I had. Danielle who spoke to me on the phone was amazing (especially as I was in superpanic mode about having nothing to wear for the Glasgow run and I was in danger of turning a little bit Diva – ish in the process).  When i felt so unwell,  my sister came armed with  medicine and lucozade and my flatmate Nia kept checking up on me to make sure I hadn’t shrivelled away into a dehydrated remnant (in addition to also buying me hydration drinks).  To top it all, Jeremy my physio then worked magic with my knee and calmed me down when I was thinking catastrophically that all was over (never a drama queen, me!)

So all in all, out of a horrid week came many good things. Am hoping to meet up with Luca’s dad soon to try and publicise the challenge to raise the money I want to for Luca.

Next week I have hijacked the “spooky sprint” in Nottingham in aid of Parkinsons Disease for my challenge for Luca (thank you so much to the organisers who have let me do this).  I am running at 6pm and we are given luminous skeletons shirts and a headlight to run with – as I said on my facebook page – what could possibly go wrong!!!!!

See you next week xxx

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