Post Nottingham – week 9

Yet another week has passed! Only one more race and I will be into the 50’s for the number left to race – how quickly that has gone!  This weeks race was the Spooky Sprint in Nottingham and is run in aid of Parkinson’s Disease.  Fortunately they were kind enough to let me highjack their event and so Saturday night found me out in the freezing cold wearing my luminous skeleton T shirt under my T shirt for Luca and sporting a headlight (compulsory to run with).

Actually it was quite a nice run except I couldnt get my light to point in anywhere near the direction in which I was going and also I ran at such a unique pace there was never anyone near enough in front to see their light or near enough behind to use their light either.  Maybe they were trying to tell me something!

Anyway,  apart from feeling very tired legs and the ongoing niggle in my knee,  I actually have now returned to my “usual” pace of around 65 minutes (better than the epic hour and a half of hallucination last week!)   I fear I am destined never to break the hour mark and will always be the near but not quite near enough person but hey, I guess that is not what this challenge is about.

I have to say that I totally hit a wall at around 6k – I think this was because the race was at 6 pm so I didnt know exactly how to eat before hand and may have just underdone it (believe me, since the race ended I have made up for that and also for all the weight I lost being ill last week – think I have downed a weeks worth of calories in one weekend – will be rolling round the next race circuit I fear!)

After the race I gave a lift to a lovely lady who was going to walk a mile to the bus stop.  We got chatting and it turned out her husband knows a very successful sky diver who lost both legs in an IRA attack.  Her message to me was to tell Luca’s dad to hold onto the fact that Luca will be able to achieve whatever he wants to.  I thought that was lovely of her and I also thought how fateful it was that we should meet.  She also very kindly donated to Luca’s fund and this reminded me of the Worcester run.  At that run, I met and chatted to a lovely student who also took note of my just giving site off my shirt and donated after the park run – I can’t get over how nice this was for her to do.   This also reminds me of a lovely lady who has collected funds at Bannetyne’s (my very lovely gym) and also donated that to the challenge to raise Luca’s money.  I cant get over the loveliness of all the runners I have met and their generosity (both in giving and supporting but also in taking photos for me at beginnings and ends of races).  Its a pretty cool community out there!  To be fair,  I have been gobsmacked at the donations and comments from so many lovely people – both those I have worked with and those I don’t know – their generosity leaves me speechless (some would say a marked improvement!)

I liked running the Parkinsons race as my Aunty has Parkinsons – our family pretty much have all the neurological illnesses covered so it has been nice to be able to contribute a bit to each whilst taking part.  On that note,  kindness and generosity has been rife in my life this week

1)  Steve Prosser and Jeremy Williams have kept my knee (and my tendancy to overdramatise any ache or pain into a challenge-ending catastrophe) in check and their treatment and advice this week have been invaluable.

2)  The organisers of the City of Birmingham Triathlon have let me take part in the 10k run bit of their Olympic distance triathlon as I was having trouble finding a 10k race in Birmingham – how kind is that?

3)  WYNNE EVANS – lots of you will know as the “Go Compare” man.  Gosh – I totally adore this man.  When I went to get his handprint for the back of my shirt, his first question was how was I funding the races, t shirts and getting to and from all the venues.  When I said I would be self funding the challenge – he immediately offered to pay for all my T shirts – I could not believe it and still can’t – what an amazing and generous thing to do and totally unexpected.  Check him out – amazing singer (his concerts are immense and (when appropriate!)  he is very, very funny) and all round properly nice person.  Diolch yn fawr iawn Mr Evans xxx

4)  Luca’s Mam and Dad (and Zack and Luca) I had a lovely, lovely, lovely evening with them all the other night.  I count myself very lucky to have met them all and even luckier to be able to do something towards their fundraising – thank you for letting me help a bit xxxxx

So,  this week I am having a lush massage (thanks Mr Prosser), swimming and then ….packing for Tenerife!  Mam and Dad are already out there and I am joining them for a week – giving my knee a rest and all my backers a respite from my persistant tweeting at them.  Back for (probably) Gloucester (slight itinerary change and still undecided as get back from hol the night before) a week next Saturday.  As you may have worked out,  a week off now means…..yes……some weeks I will be doing races in 2 Cities in order to keep to my timetable….yay?

So, as always, onwards and upwards – see ya soon xxx

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2 Responses to Post Nottingham – week 9

  1. Jenny Finch says:

    Well done again Dee! You really deserve a week in Tenerife….And I think you will be running 10k in under an hour before long, probably without really noticing!! Keep it up. Jenny Finch x

  2. Paul says:

    Your doing an amazing job

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