Post Gloucester – week 11

Well – the observant amongst you will notice that I have missed a week.  I have been on holiday in Tenerife for a week with my mam and dad.  This is ok as there are some weeks in the challenge that I am doing 2 runs in a week (well – that is ok as it is far away at the moment – probably wont be saying that when I am actually doing it!)

It was a fab break and I had a very lazy time.  I actually did 3 short 5k runs as I had not done anything since Nottingham and thought I should try and keep up the fitness.  I also thought that if I ignored my knee pain enough then it would disappear.

My first run was a bit of a disaster – the tape came off my knees as it was so hot down near the beach where I was running – I thought that running early in the day would be a good idea before the sun got too hot (unfortunately 9.30 is not early in Tenerife sun terms).  I was in all kinds of trouble – knee hurt, think I temporarily developed heat induced asthma and I certainly achieved new levels of dehydration considering I only ran (trotted) for around 40 mins.  I also developed a whole new level of being irritated and generally very cross at nothing.

I had already decided swimming round the small shallow cold pool for 700 circuits to use the same energy as 15 minutes of the run wasnt going to be repeated so I decided to repeat the run experience twice more – at around 7.30 am and also with no strapping to fall off.  This worked much better but I couldnt shake off the knee pain so I bothered my poor old colleague at home to refer me for a scan as soon as I got back from the holiday.

I had my scan early yesterday morning (not the most happy of news so am ignoring it currently) and as I was in Cheltenham for it,  I decided to run my run this week in Gloucester.  I didnt really want to do this as I feel I have had to use 2 of my “bankers” very early in the challenge (i.e. runs that are within easy distance of my home and also in Cities I know well).  However, having returned home from my hols in a disgusting post holiday mood and worrying about my knee I decided that Gloucester was a good option.

I LOVE Gloucester – I worked there a lot and have lots of happy memories of living there so actually the run itself was really quite fab.  I parked at the hospital and after reloading my runkeeper (which had managed to cancel itself from my phone) and looking rather odd dressed in my distinctive running shirt and sitting in the hospital lobby for really quite some time,  I took off in the direction of Kingsholm – my favourite ever Rugby ground.

Unfortunately, I had mis-set my runkeeper again and by the time I had been running for around 15 minutes,  I realised it wasnt going to keep telling me my distance and times and speed but was going to cheerily tell me when I had reached 10k.  This was a bit of a problem as I had no idea where I was running to or the distance it would be. Therefore, I decided to run out of the City Centre for around 40 mins and then run back again, judging that this would take me safely to 10k .

The reason for the slower time was that I decided to run without tape on my knees (incase it was making my left knee worse) and to really concentrate on my technique (I have no idea what technique this is really as my gauge of running style and tempo is to keep in time with whatever happens to be playing on my shuffle at the time and to occasionally think of my physio saying – switch on your core, switch on your core …this can obviously be a little bit of a haphazard approach to improving anything about my running at all)

I had quite some time to think whilst running – 1) because I was running slowly 2) because it felt really odd running on my own and 3) because my runkeeper didnt keep interupting me and I didnt want to keep thinking about that fact as it meant that the 10k seemed to be an age away!

My major thought was how different each week of running has been.  At the beginning I was running in big organised BUPA runs and  along the way I have run in small club and park runs and now …. I was entirely on my own.  It was a bit liberating really as it took off all the pressure of worrying about coming last which haunts me on a weekly basis. (rereading that sounds a bit pretentious – especially as I have only been doing the challenge for 10 weeks – but you know what I mean!)

The “non pressure run” also gave me a chance to try a carbohydrate chew thing with caffeine in it that I had been given in the goody bag of a previous race – well, that certainly worked – I ran for 12k and could have gone on longer purely on the effects of the chew thing but the knee was a real real problem and so I had to overcome the caffeine buzz and calm it down at 12k (despite the temptation to keep on running in circles round the hospital grounds to see how much more I could do for reasons that I will explain later)

Anyway – did the run and collared a poor person to take my foto outside Kingsholm to celebrate the event and share the lovely Rugby ground with Luca, and then drove home.  Glad I did it but still worried that I might be running (literally) into trouble with the knee and I still have 59 runs to go………….. Oh yes and one of those is going to be the Cardiff half marathon as Luca’s dad has signed up to run that next year and I was having trouble fitting in all my races in the calender so have decided to join him as loads of people will be running for Luca and I think it will be awesome (hence the extra 2k as I thought it might give me an idea of how I might cope with the longer distances…..yep, it certainly did that – no comment!)

Thats it for this week – I am going to try going to spin tomorrow to test out the remaining functioning parts of my hips and knees – going for the bash them into oblivion approach!!!

See ya next week xxx

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