Post Leeds – week 12

Well this week started well. Went back to spin class then did a 5k run on the treadmill later in the week and was raring to go.

Got a bit stopped in my tracks this week coz I got all girly and upset over a few things. Add that to the middle aged hormones and it all went a bit pearshaped.  At the beginning of the week my Uncle suffered a big stroke and so that has been on my mind quite a bit. Mam and Dad are obviously upset and so it has been a bit of a low week.

I think all that side of things affected me more that I realised as I didnt sleep too well a couple of nights and I wasnt really in the mood for anything at all this week.  This was a shame as it was Luca’s 4th birthday this week so it would have been nice for everything to have been extra special

I stupidly went on an all day course on Saturday (the day before my race) to learn how to use a TRX set up.  This is a suspension training system that is absolutely fab and you can take it anywhere you go and do a work out – I am using it specifically to try and sort out my non athletic body niggles with my knees, ankles, hips…..oh, lets face, everything.

The course was in Swindon and was amazing! The teacher (Matt Gleed) was out of this world and all the other people there to learn were fab.  They were all fitness instructors etc so special thanks to Sam who partnered me with my no idea whatsoever how to teach exercise! Boy did I complain about everything – I bored myself! She was very patient.

Anyway, the point of telling you this is that I spent 8 hours on the (very) active course and by the afternoon was flagging.  Everything hurt and as I climbed in my car (very carefully) at around 5.30  I actually realised the couse might not have been the best the day before my 10k and before the 3 hour journey to drive to get to Leeds….  My head was all over the place and as I drove past the signs to South Wales,  I nearly diverted and called it a day – I really really did not want to run.

I was right – the training was a bad idea the day before the run for me.  I couldnt turn over in bed properly that night as everything started to be really really sore (it is an amazing exercise system but I hadnt eaten or slept properly in the week and I was not in the mood for running either).

By morning my legs wouldnt work properly.  I did my stretches in hope and went to the start line.  It was freezing despite my precautionary silver blanket (am a proper runner now, with all the pre race stuff sorted!!!)

AT 0.5 k I was in trouble! I didnt so much hit the wall as it got up, smashed me, crumbled and fell on me and then buried me.   Normally, either my fitness, my head or my legs arent working for a race.  This time, despite using my carbohydrate gel pre and during the run, nothing worked. My legs had no power,  I wanted to cry/go home/not be there and I was puffing from the outset.

I played all the usual games with my mind – just run to the next song, just run to the next kilometer marker etc but nothing worked.  I just about ran to 5k and then the rest was pretty much walk / run.  It was awful.  I was so emotional at the end that I almost kissed the floor just because I actually made it across the finish line! (i didnt coz I could def not have got up again)  My time was awful and everything hurt.

Everything still hurts.  It took 4 hours to drive home and I went straight to the gym to the jacuzzi and sat with the jets of water hitting my quads, hammies and gluts.  It helped a bit but I am currently terrified of sitting for too long as I dont think I can honestly stand the pain of gettting up!

What a week!  This week I really really wished I had a chauffeur to drive me to and from races and keep my company – it was a lonely and difficult week.

I guess I have to think that next week cannot get worse.  Hopefully Uncle Bob will turn the corner, my mam and dad will feel better and my legs and head will all stage a comeback!

Roll on Chelmsford …


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One Response to Post Leeds – week 12

  1. Gareth Andrews says:

    I am following and reading your blogs. I think that what you are doing is amazing and to keep going with everything else is simply fantastic and you are an inspiration to all who know you. I hope your uncle improves and that next week is less stressful. Hoping to get along to a race soon to support you – will be in touch about Hereford race and possible chauffeur duties! Let me know what time you have to leave Newport so I can see if I can help.


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