Post Bradford – week 14

Not so bad a week all round.  Did my stretches (intermittently) and did a 5k run with the aim of trying to speed up my times.  Did 2k at 11.5k an hour (part of my self made interval programme) – all I kept picturing was those sketches where the runner goes off the back of the treadmill coz thats what my legs felt were going to happen (fortunately it didnt as if I am going to get an injury then I would kind of like to be properly earned!)

Didn’t go to spin – can’t remember why but think it had something to do with …oh yes, …laziness.

Went to Manchester on Saturday with the aim of staying at my friend Matt’s house and driving to the run in Bradford on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately,  as I was sitting in the car park about to pop into Manchester to do some Christmas shopping, I re read the info for the race (not one to leave things to the last minute or anything!)   I realised the race was an hour earlier than I thought and also in a different location.  Don’t know why I got confused – it’s not like I am doing a different race in every City in the UK each week for 69 weeks or anything….

Anyway,  decided to book a room much nearer and so had to cancel with Matt at late notice.  As that is not very nice behaviour, I am assuming the room I chose was the payback…. in itself it was perfectly nice.  However, it was placed in the middle of a roundabout (on the motorway it sounded like) and it had just been newly painted.  I couldn’t keep the window open as the noise was spectacular, but when the window was properly shut I thought I was going to suffocate – I contemplated writing my Will again (I did it on a particularly oxygen debted, cold and tiring night whilst climbing Kilimanjaro last year – makes very entertaining reading at ground level in the warm!).

Anyway, I was too cold to find a pen so I decided to omit the will (anyway, had got rid of most of my possessions in my clear out last week so prob not enough left to go around) and try to sleep with the window open just enough to let in a bit of oxygen and keep out a bit of noise.  It was a slow and horrible night.  I woke with eyes puffed up attractively and a paint induced sore throat.

However,  I was near to the race start!!! Yayy!!!!  Got there and timed it well but still managed to lose most my body heat by the time the race started.  Had decided to try one of the carbohydrate gels that I got free at some event (am guessing probably a 10k!)  – Ewwwww – it tasted yuk! Managed a few mouthfuls of it but left the rest.  It seemed to work mind – I felt pretty good most the way round and wonder if, had there been no hills, then I might have managed a sub 60 minute run – my (very ordinary!) target!

Anyway, Bradford was hilly!  There was nearly a whole 1k of slow rising hill at the start and this got repeated on the second circuit – not a favourite!  What really got me was the inaccurate marking of the course!  All going well till 2 k (!) then instead of saying 3k, the next marker said 4k.  I got very, very confused and thought it must be me.  However, my runkeeper kept on being one k behind for the rest of the race.  I thought that maybe there would be an extra loop in somewhere and the markers would therefore be correct but it didn’t happen.  I therefore came round the final corner to see the finish line (with the clock at 52 minutes!)  with my runkeeper saying “you have completed 8.3k”.  I was very, very tempted for just a few seconds to go for my PB and come in at 53 minutes pretending I didn’t know that it was wrong.  Yet again this conscience of mine would not let me so I diverted out and ran round and round some side streets until I was told I was at 9.7k and then rejoined the finish.  This people thought I was rather strange but at least I felt I hadn’t cheated.

Got my photo taken by some very lovley policemen at the end of the race to prove I had been there which was cool!  Suffered the entire way home what I think was the effects of the carbohydrate gel – and this it still ongoing – enought said but not sure I want to repeat this next week if I don’t start to feel better soon, even if I felt good in the race itself 😦

So, massage booked for tomorrow night – thank you so much to the lovely Steve Prosser and then a bit of work on my intervals again later in week (am sure that helped me  this week so might have to practise it properly next time – get me – sounding all pretentious!).  Then off to Hereford next Sunday for the Santa run (no, am not wearing a suit!) x

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