Post Hereford – week 15 !!!

According to my mam (for the last few weeks)  I am nearly a quarter of the way through my challenge – worked it out today and think she has been being a little optimistic!  Only another month to go till that day (think she maybe keep saying that so that she retains her own sanity as I am slowly driving her crazy with my always tired/miserable/complaining about something “new” self!)

This weeks preparation for Hereford involved……….work……………work………….some extra work……………then work.  Could not motivate myself to do any exercise which is unusual and also (as it turns out, and as I knew it would be) a bit disastrous.

Nothing hurt too much this week which was so unusual that I talking myself into having bruised knee caps by mid week.  I didn’t get my much looked forward to massage as my lovely masseur was sick which was terrible for both of us!  Get better soon Steve.   I also missed my much looked forward to (and needed) hair appt (it was going to be a bit of a week of luxuries) because I got stuck in traffic for an hour at a stand still and missed my appointment.

I more that made up for it in moodiness and generally being fairly horrid to be around.  My family must really love this challenge!  I therefore decided to kick my self up the backside and do …..absolutely nothing.  Oh, that included sleep.  For some reason worrying about how to make the challenge higher profile and sorting out the races, the accomodation, the travel etc etc seemed to keep  coming to mind in the middle of the night.  I slept dreadfully on Friday night and then on Saturday went to see the amazing Rhod Gilbert in Cardiff.  He was totally fab (which I knew he was anyway coz he has done so much to help the challenge for Luca – anyway I laughed.  A lot).  I really have been so so lucky with the people agreeing to back my challenge and I am so grateful to them all.

Unfortunately I got back really late from Cardiff and could not sleep. My flatmates were up when I got in and they were getting ready for their Cardiff Santa run – honestly, my flatmate can make even a felt santa suit look classy.

I drove to Hereford – it was a lush journey and not too far which was cool. The town centre looked amazing and the race was being started by Sascha and Nyree Kindred (Paralympic swimmers).  Nyree very kindly let me bother her for a photo and took my card explaining my challenge so hopefully she will end up on Luca’s cool wall one day soon.  I was the only person not dressed as Santa.  This was good in that my T shirt was noticable but not so good as it looked like I was a bit of a bah humbug person in the Santa Run.  I was prepared to wear the trousers and hat but didn’t want to cover Luca’s shirt.  As it was,  I opened the packet and I had been given a Santa mini dress.  Decided against that and just had the hat (minus the plaits)

The race was not a high point of my life.  Got a bit psyched out this time (for a change!) by the signs being in miles not kilometres which made me think until mile 3 that I was running ridiculously slowly and my runkeeper had gone on the blink.  Anyway – worked it out in the end but actually completely did not want to be bothered.   Not sure what is wrong with me but I seem to find something to be unhappy about in each run!

The course was a bit hilly but I should be used to that by now.  For some reason it really really annoyed me and I stopped running at around 3k and started stomping up the hills very crossly.  At this point and for most of the rest of the race I had Luca’s Dad’s voice in my head saying the words he uses to encourage Luca – “what don’t we do? we don’t stop trying”.  I therefore decided that it didn’t matter if I ran or walked but each time I stopped to walk,  I would then try to run again for a bit.

I remember one part of the walk where I was running to something like an Ollie Murs track and I know that this paces me at around 10.5k an hour.  I felt suddenly like a bizarre extra in that old video that goes with the “we’re on a road to nowhere” track.  I honestly for a few minutes genuinely thought I must be running on the spot as nothing on the horizon was getting any nearer.  It was really freaky and now reading that back I think maybe I ought to either watch what I say out loud and / or quit with the carbohydrate gel as it seems to be doing very odd things to me!

Anyway, back home and sorted and all things washed ready to repack to run in Portsmouth next week. I am running with a lovely friend Helen who I trained with at Uni.  I am super excited (although will be very embarrassed when she shoots off into the distance!)

Before that we have a very big meeting at the hospital about my Uncle who is still very poorly so that is not so good. Off to Liverpool for that on Thursday.

Before I go,  I want to mention Gareth Andrews.  I climbed Kilimanjaro with him last year to support Richard Parks in his awesome 737 Challenge.  Gareth has been unfailingly supportive, offering lifts, support and sponsoring me and for that I thank him.

Have a good week all.  Off to see the X factor final!!! x

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