Post Portsmouth – week 16!

What a week this has been. Very stressful for lots of reason. My Uncle is still properly unwell and not recovering from his stroke. Took mam and dad up to see him in hospital in Cheshire. It was all very sad and my dad was sad so I felt horrid.

I left there yesterday after a manic few days and drove to Portsmouth. Mam had to remind me where I was going because for some reason I was fixated on going to Plymouth. Now that would have been very disappointing!

Drove for 4 hours to hotel and had a bath and went to bed – shattered.

Today for the run was fab. The weather was lush. The course was flat. I ran with Helen – one of my friends I lived with at Uni and we worked out a pace we were both happy with to run at. This turned the run more into a chance to catch up and we did a quick catch up of the last 11 years (I hadnt seen her since 2001!).

The run was lovely apart from the bit on the beach which was covered in shingle stuff and made running very slow. I got a bit distracted by chatting and the shingle stuff and got my foot caught in some kind of beach twig stuff and fell flat on my face – doh! brusied my knee and felt a complete idiot. Fortunately Helen kindly did not laugh at me.

Did a relatively slow time for the race (but ran the whole way unlike last week) but really enjoyed it and after saying goodbye to Helen (until Chichester) got in the car and drove home. It was lush to be home after 4 days away and I celebrated with a McDonalds and sweets and toast and pretty much anything else that was available (oh, including days 1-16 of my advent calendar chocolates which I was supposed to be saving until next week – oh well).

Anyway, 3 days at work then off (pretty much) for Christmas – off to Norwich at the weekend, then Ely on New Yr’s Eve. The first week of January is 3 races (mon, thurs and sat) so that should kill or cure me!

This weeks thank you is to Rick Dempsey – for his continued support of my challenge and also his constant advertising on facebook of Luca’s cause – much appreciated you lovely man!

Off to bed via the fridge (again!) now xxx

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