Post Norwich – week 17 !!!

Gosh, the time is flying! This week was my last at work before Christmas. I meant to do a run on Tuesday but went to X Factor for Luca at Caerleon Comprehensive instead which was fab. The singers were amazing and it all ran like clockwork – hopefully lots of money raised for Luca.

I went to a TRX class on Thursday evening and embarrasingly (probably because it is close to Christmas), I was the only one there. I therefore got an individual class with a lovely guy callled Dafydd who chatted to me a lot and may be going to help me with my training programme which would be cool. We will wait and see. As before, I started to realised the mistake of having done a TRX class so close to running when I got onto the train on Friday. By the time I was in Norwich, I was moving with total and painful uncoordination and my body hurt like never before (well at least since Leeds). I couldnt bear to straighten my arms and had to put my wrists in the window and then close it and kneel down to try and make myself try (am sure I would have still been walking round with permanently bent elbows otherwise)

I got to Norwich and went shopping in the City Centre (and actually visited the Cathedral – something I probably should have been doing in each City but haven’t). I then got picked up by my lovely friend Ewan (lived next door to him in his first year at Uni and now he is a Plastic Surgeon – unbelievable on so many levels!!!) Because all of his family were sick (his wife and children) he decided to put me up in a bed and breakfast in case I succombed to the dreaded viruses in the house. The next day we met up and he drove me to the Park for the Norwich park run. Lets just say that Ewan is fitter and a better runner than me – he also does not have a fragile psyche!!! He is also always happy and upbeat…. The 5k circuit of the park was 3 laps. At the end of lap one I was unable to talk and then Ewan happily announced that I had done a just under 9 minute mile – much too fast for my normal sociable run pace and also the explanation for my exhaustion 1/6 of the way in! At around lap 3 I was beginning to lose my sense of humour and so told Ewan I would not be joining in any of his conversation (he just carried on talking anyway so don’t think my input was that missed!). At 5k we diverted to get our times as per a normal park run. However, the queue was so long that after 3 or 4 minutes I panicked and decided we needed to keep going. We therefore started out on the next 5k. In the first 5k we (more me than Ewan coz he was only keeping me company at my pace and could have finished the 10k in half the time he did) got over taken by a little girl called Mia who was around 7 yrs old and ran pretty much the whole way (only partly due to Ewan pretending to be the Gruffalo chasing her at one point) and I was really impressed. Her mam was running with her other child in her buggy and I felt really slow and un sporty!

Anyway, we finished (mostly ran although sneaked in a little walk at one point) and I was very grateful. The course was lovely but the weather was disgusting – cold and rainy – my least favourite combination. I was very happy to go home to Ewan’s house and have a lovely shower. I also got to meet the rest of the family who were marginally recovered and up to socialising a bit.

I got on the train at 13.30 pm and got home at around 19.45 – four trains later – due to torrential rain cancelling the Swansea train. Not a journey to be remembered!

This week has been one of amazing people once more. Someone I know donated me £10 for each of my 69 races in advance for Luca. I am so so thankful for this and still cant quite believe someone would do that. Gareth (my other friend who I climbed Kili with) has supported my challenge for Luca instead of giving christmas cards – how amazing is that? A lovely lady called Wendy (whom I have never met) has unfailingly supported my challenge and Luca and brightens my day with her lovely upbeat messages. My old surgery that I worked for (only one morning a week and that not every week) raised a great deal of money for Luca and I was staggered. They let me work when it was convenient for me, work the hours I wanted and use their surgery as a bolt hole when my other job was getting me down. I have never felt so much part of a team in such a short space of time and I still can’t get over their generosity. Finally I should mention Total Workwear. They have been responsible for printing my T shirts. I am really proud of the design and although we had a few difficulties along the way, I can only thank Joe Ross for his patience and help with getting everything finally sorted and looking pretty cool!

I am off to have Christmas with my mam and dad and then off to Ely for New Years Eve run (proper running club – proper scared!) x

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