Post Plymouth – week 20!!!

Again, the sharp eyed of you will notice I am out of synch! I am now in week 20 of my challenge but have just run my 21st run. This is because I “banked” an extra race last week for cases of future emergency!

It has been a good week – back to work and normal routine which has been nice. Only managed a spin class as to be honest – the 4 runs in a week was probably a step too far for me! Having a bit of a right hammy/glut niggle which is annoying rather than anything else but decided not to push it. Awesome and possibly life saving massage by Mr Prosser started my week just right. Have looked up a running club in Newport though so thought I might go along and see if they can help me to run properly!

Mam and Dad’s 50th was fab and they have hopefully had a quieter week! On Friday I went to see Luca and his mam and dad – I had a lovely time and laughed a lot! When I went, Luca decided he didnt want to share his crisps, or his I pad or give me a kiss goodbye (not even a blown kiss!). He was very funny and made me laugh a lot. He really is so beautiful, as is Zack. I really hope I can get my target money for him.

I went to Plymouth last night – the journey was horrific – driving rain, no visibility and it turns out (as I found out when I woke up this morning) that I had booked a hotel right on the edge of the moors – it was really quite eerie. The hotel was lush with a huge bath (I got it cheap dont worry!) and when I left, the very nice young man told me to mind out for the sheep as they can be annoying. Not sure in hindsight if he was speaking in code??

Anyway – today was cold but lovely. The run was really fun but I was slow because of hills – oh my gosh – they seemed to go on forever – am sure the first 5 k was all up hill (trouble is the going down hills isnt that much better for me knee wise than the tiring going up hills thing). Anyway – also, the race was at 9 so by 10.15 I was finished and on my way to sainsburys. Did my shopping and then drove home via the coffee shop – done all my washing and tidied flat and its only 5.30!!! forgotten how luxurious a weekend can be!

Oh yes, this week, the magazine that have awarded me a bursary to help with travel (which I am very happy about as then next 3 races are costing just over £100 (even before I start bookiing to go to Belfast (worrying at the moment), Armagh, Newry and Lisburn) so this is gettting very expensive, printed the story of my challenge and of LUca. They could not have chosen a more horrific foto! Slap bang in the middle of the page – lucky I am not saying I use any of their products to make me look young as I would decrease their sales by around 100%!!! Anyway, hopefully it will raise the profile of Luca and my challenge and I might get some more funds for my target – you never know!

Signing off for now as going to try and hit the publicity part of this challenge that I have done nothing much about! Next week St Albans!!! Oh, yes, keep meaning to write about my one piece of life changing running equipment – my spibelt pouch thing – was recommended to me by Doug Jeffrey (my boss in my last job) and is the fabbest thing ever. Always mean to say thank you to him everytime I use it and keep forgetting so just doing it now!

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