Post Chichester – week 23 (run 22)

This week improved (quite a bit) calf wise. Took it easy and gently reintroduced exercise – a novelty to be careful I know!

Anyway my only issue was my appetite which has disappeared this week. Couldn’t make myself eat enough each day and therefore knew the run would be hard from an energy point of view.

My thanks this week go the lovely Helen Gadsden – I stayed at her house the night before the race and she fed and watered me and gave me a lush bed for the night – really helped (she made me lovely pasta which I had 2 helpings of which was encouraging). We also indulged in hot choc with orange before bed – totally lush!

Got up latish and went to race. Proper race again this week (and with an obligatory finish of under 75 mins which I was a bit worried about having been off for 2 weeks). Weather was just right and the run went ok. I forgot my chip so didn’t get a time recorded but all I needed to know was that there were some people behind me! Yay!! Doesn’t happen often :):):)

I couldn’t face much breakfast so tried the carb gel again with the same sickness and tummy gripes as last time so that wont be repeated (excepted physically currently! – too much information?) Currently feeling pretty horrid 😦

The run itself was pretty nice. A few minor hills (not really hills!) but pretty flat otherwise. I did quite well for the first 4k but then the food problem week became a bit apparent (I had almost thought I was on for a sub hour run but I think I was actually hallucinating!) I slowed down quite a bit but I didn’t stop and was just happy to finish.

So, have driven home, showered and eaten some dry toast. Am going to cwtch on the sofa for the evening and hope my tummy feels better. Great to be back for you Luca xxx

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  1. says:

    Well done Dee 🙂

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