Post NO RUN – week 22

Again for the observant amongst you – I have missed a week. I am now at 22 weeks having done 21 runs.

This has all gone a bit pear shaped. Having gone from having a race in hand after the 4 in a week start to 2013, last week my planned run in St Albans fell foul of the awful weather. I wasn’t too dismayed as it meant that I was then at week 21 having don 21 runs – so all on track!

Until this week …………………

Fab start to the week – went to gym on Sunday and had a lovely 6k run followed by Yoga – body felt amazing!

Decided to repeat the effort on Tuesday but swapped spin for the run. Did pilates after and didn’t quite feel the same. Think I set my seat too low in spin and seemed to irritate my achilles (maybe I am imagining it). The only highlight was that I managed to sneak in my gel saddle cover so for the first time ever I was actually comfy sitting on the bike. Had to do a bit of manoevring at the end of the class as lots of people stay for the next half hour so had to cover gel seat with a towel and then carefully untie it whilst looking carefree and unconcerned – didn’t want them all to think I was a total wuss!

Anyway – Thursday I thought I would repeat the Sunday effort and run then go to pilates. I approached the whole thing wrongly. I had decided I needed to do some extra training so that I can get faster. I did not eat anything before the run which in itself wasn’t too much of an issue but I also didn’t stretch. I then set the treadmill incorrectly and after a very short warm up, went into a fast interval that went on for much longer than I planned. I then slowed down for much shorter than I planned. Anyway, a few repeats of this and I felt the most excrutiating cramping in my inner calf. I had to press the emergency stop and whatever I did I could not walk or stretch the pain off. I tried the pilates class to see if stretching would help (doh!) but nothing worked.

I went home in the most disgusting mood, very angry and myself and totally guilty for letting Luca down – especially as I hadn’t needed to do the workout I was doing if it wasn’t for my own insecurity.

Anyway, since then I have had my calf strapped, iced, massaged, K taped, game readied (kind of) and now medicated. I remember last season when I was working with a rugby team and one of the players had a horrid injury that stopped him playing some very important games. I remember trying to cheer him up and to change his negative to a positive and to treat it as an opportunity to come back bigger, better and stronger. Well – what a total load of old rubbish.

My challenge is little compared with a proper athlete but I was totally devastated and all I kept thinking was – well, it’s over isn’t it. I can’t run again. I wont finish the challenge. I wont get the money for Luca. This is all my fault. I have failed. Goodness knows what he must have been feeling when I was trying to cheer him up and I am surprised he didn’t just punch me in the face and tell me to shut up (he wouldn’t have – obviously!)

Anyway, spent the day pretty much in that mood and then …………..came up with a bright idea. I knew that there was no way I could go to Preston and run (sitting in the car for 4 hours – then running then 4 hours back) so I had the fab idea of getting crutches (from the back of my car – don’t ask!) and walking round Bath instead.

In some ways I didn’t want to do this as Bath is one of my “banked” runs for being close to home when I am tired. However, I thought that these circumstances probably called for this.

Yesterday, with a still sore calf, I was chatting with my flatmate about my plans and he very sensibly, questioned my sanity!

He just asked why I didn’t take a week off, recover and then catch up the run later in the year. Not at all sure why that didn’t cross my mind! Anyway, added to that a phone call from someone very special also telling me not to run/walk/use crutches and here I am, sat at home, iceing, stretching, feeling sorry for myself and being a grouch generally!

Oh, one more thing – the lovely Steve Prosser came to my rescue tonight with some treatment for my calf tonight and a return visit planned for later in the week – thank you! It is feeling so much better that I almost am letting myself feel a bit positive for Chichester next week (the only downside is that there is a time limit on this race by which I have to finish as it is a proper serious club run so I am a little concerned about that but ignoring it for the time being)

Finally, I am hoping and praying for my best friend’s return safely from Antarctica. If I am ever in danger of thinking what I am doing is remotely tough, I think of him, my lovely backer Richard Parks – take care lovely xxx

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