Post Bath – week 24 – run 23

This week was not too bad at all.  Training went well, eating a bit better and after completing a run in Bath – AM ONE THIRD OF THE WAY THROUGH MY CHALLENGE!

Sadly am still not anywhere near 1/3 of the way to my wished for amount to raise for Luca.  Am going to have to work on this but not this month as have a busy couple of weeks at work and no time to do any publicity stuff – wish it would take care of itself and could do with someone high profile to help me but hey, such is life.  From March will start to work on this.

The Bath run was pretty cool (running wise and weather wise).  Went for a day trip on the train with Mam and Dad who then walked along the river whilst I trotted around making up a 10k route.  We had a lovely lunch then went back home again – didn’t really want to use one of my remaining “banked” (close) runs but for family reasons, my plans all changed at the last minute this week and didn’t want to get a further week behind so Bath it was.  Looking forward to March when I am doing a number of arranged runs in a row which is nice as my own company on a run is beginning to annoy me!

Next week ………..well, TBA (having to do some big work on the itinerary at the moment so will let you know when I do) x

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