Post Winchester – week 25, run 24

Well it has been 10 days since I ran in Bath and this week and a half was a difficult one.  My get up and go totally got up and went.  Not only did we visit my Uncle who has had a stroke which we all found very sad, but then my Dad had a collapse and was admitted to hospital overnight. In addition I got dumped before even having my first date which was a whole new low in the history of my life – it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic!  We were all tired after visiting my Uncle and it has taken us all week to recover.  I therefore did absolutely nothing exercise wise all week, was in bed at 9 most nights and ate 6 pancakes on Tuesday night (as well as sweets, cakes, biscuits, toast and a meal). Oh dear!

I have swapped my itinerary a bit to accomodate some races that are now being advertised as organised.  With this in mind, Winchester became a “run on my own” as next week, instead of the Winchester run,  I am running in Truro (at night after a 3 1/2 hour drive) so more of that adventure next week….

Mam volunteered to come with me on this run and as I have just heard her recount our adventure to my Dad, I am going to tell it in her words (kind of)

We set out at 9.15 and made good time to Winchester.  As we drove into Winchester there was a sign welcoming us to the City.  We decided the path looked flat and that the sign would be good for my picture for Luca.  (the path wasn’t flat but more of that later too!)  I was desperate for the toilet by the time we got to Winchester and we had to drive on past the place we had thought would be good to run in order to find a toilet. Well we drove on into the City (all very down hill and I said no way would I be running there as I would have to then run back up) and then we saw the local hospital.  We drove in and parked.  We were in a spot that said illegal parking would incur a £60 fine.  Mam started to get anxious…. I left her in the car with the keys and she was practising her story of my sudden illness in case a warden came by.  All was ok so mam decided to use the toilet too.  I could then see her returning to the car but taking her time.  It turned out she was waiting for the car next to me to reverse out and leave in case he was planning to take my number plate in order to fine me for parking in the wrong place.  She also thought the lady in the next car looked like a Doctor and might start accusing us of illegal parking so she was thinking of some new illnesses to describe in case anyone was asking why we were there.  I suspect she will continue to worry until a few weeks have passed and I have no parking fine.  It is very exhausting being my mam!

We left the hospital (much to mam’s relief) and decided to drive in a straight line for around 5k as the road looked flatish which meant I could then find somewhere to park and run back to the hospital and return for my 10k.  We got a bit sidetracked seeing the sign for Sainsburys as we thought it was a good place to park (it was also down a steep hill) but we decided I could walk up that and then start the run from the top if it was too much).

We worried (again!) about parking in Sainsburys and then just leaving to run (me) and walk (mam) so we compromised and mam said she would pop into Sainsburys.  I then set off on my run.  This week was a week that not only did I not want to run but I didn’t want to drive anywhere or go anywhere.  It is getting a bit tough sometimes when I think of the commitment I have made and there is not much room for weeks when I feel a bit low like this week. Anyway, as I always say in this circumstance, this is only for 69 weeks – Luca will be living with his experiences for a lifetime, so the least I can do is stop wallowing in self pity.

So, back to the run – it was pretty cool on the way out and I kept thinking that although it was a gentle descent into the City Centre, it wasnt really too hilly.  Well I got quite fast towards the bottom as I was being propelled downwards, round the Cathedral and into the City Centre.  I then got to 5k and had to run round and run back up the “gentle incline” and “flat path” (not!)  that I had previously noted .  I cursed the entired way up.  My leg is sore, I have had sciatica all week, my knee is sore and my psyche seems to have taken a negative downturn.

Anyway,  around 9k I found mam just turning round and walking back to Sainsburys so I said to come back again with me to the City Centre sign to take the photo for Luca.  We both dispute this part of the journey – I said it was just around the corner, mam says it was at least 10 minutes walk uphill (she hasn’t been the greatest herself this week after last weeks trauma and her MS is playing up so to be fair she may be (a little bit) right about the distance) 

Anyway, my runkeeper eventually said 10k (that last 1/2 k went on forever) and mam and I took our lives in our hands and ran across the hugely busy road to balance on the grass verge and take the photo.  We then went back to Sainsburys for food to take home.

It turned out mam had been in the Sainsburys for quite some time before.  She felt bad about us parking and then leaving so decided to pop into the shop before walking up to follow me.  She thought this was best done with a trolley in case she was being followed as an illegal car park user.  She therefore apparently took the trolley in one entrance and straight out the back entrance.  She then picked up a basket and went shopping.  I am not sure how convincing that was of anything and feel pretty lucky that mam never decided to be a criminal – it would have been a short lived career.  Well, apparently mam then got sidetracked (now that has never happened before!)  and spent 40 minutes buying a jumper for Dad and a yorkshire pudding tin for herself before realising I might be on my way back.  She walked (up the hill out of Sainsburys) and then we eventually met up. 

We got our food and then got in the car to drive home.  The highlight of the home journey? The first sighting of traffic cones in green, yellow and blue.  Yep – we are a totally normal family.

Anyway – thats it. My flatmates are away and so I soaked in their bath (with permission) and am planning on cwtching on the sofa in search of my energy and will to carry on this challenge (don’t worry Luca – it’s not going to beat me – especially after seeing your new legs this week – I want to be able to help you have more of them) 

Until next time xxx

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