Post Truro – week 26, run 25

Well this has altogether been a much better week.  Work was nice.  I had an amazing massage from Steve Prosser – used his cups (no that isn’t a euphemism!) and they seemed to work wonders.  The massage really set me up well and took away the troublesome tight calf entirely.  So much so that I went for a treadmill run and actually enjoyed pushing myself a bit (well, not exactly enjoyed – oh and it was only 5k) 

Any way, I didn’t do any extra work so had a lovely 2 days off at the end of the week to catch up with all my paperwork and clean my flat which made me feel a lot more settled.

In addition to this, my very lovely and big hearted sister offered her husband’s services to drive me to and from Truro for the “Nightrunner” 10k starting at 10pm on the Sat night.  She also paid for a room overnight for me, and so it was that me, Kerry (my sister), Paul (my brother in law) and Jorja (my niece) set off on a mini adventure. 

We made good time despite a detour of what appeared to be a number of miles (but only actually was about a half) into Exeter services.  It took us a very long time to get in and only slightly less to leave – all a bit complicated that was!  Decided definitely not to revisit on the way back for the sake of Paul’s sanity.

We got to Truro, found our hotel and went next door for a lovely lunch.  Kerry and Jorja had lovely puddings but I had to settle for coffee after remembering I had given up sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and puddings for lent.  There was some debate about the chocolate dots in the mini weetabix I had eaten on the way down but that was brushed over (by me!)  and for around 20 minutes between lunch and pudding we tried very hard to make ice cream sundae  (it can be eaten any time),  chocolate fudge cake (is it a cake or is it a pudding – if you eat if before the lunch is it therefore a main course), and plain ice cream (it can be eaten in a cone so is it therefore not a sweet or a pudding – oh lets just not give up puddings for lent) into foods that I could still eat despite my lent restriction.  I regained control of my self will (unusual) and settled for a gingerbread latte which they had not got 😦  It was quite mentally exhausting!

We checked into our lovely rooms and I was ecstatic about the double bed and also the bath (have rented mine out – the bath, not the bed – at home and sometimes really miss it).  Vowed to spend a suitable amount of time in the bath during the next 24 hours to make the most of it.

We went into Truro and spent a lot of time drooling over cooking implements (my sister – not me – they are alien pieces of kit to me) and then Jorja devised an itinerary which involved the old fashioned sweet shop, joules, shoes shops (for vans) and an art gallery with a lot of really cool stuff in.

Kerry and I diverted off to the Cathedral where the choir were practising – absolutely beautiful – hairs on the back of your neck time.

We returned to the hotel and I went for a bath (for no real reason!) and rested for a couple of hours.  We then left for the run which was starting at a homebase car park a few miles away.

We were there suitably early and parked at the start line (very convenient)  The temperature had ranged all day between 0.5 and 2 degrees and it was a little chilly! I picked up my race number, had some fotos for Luca taken (by my niece as she is so ifone friendly) and then returned to the warm car.  It was superlush as I could keep my coat on until the last minute and then amble over the 10 yards to the start (unlike so many of my races where I have to cart stuff around).  

The family had even bought a blanket to throw over me at the end (my sister thinks of everything) and Jorja even kindly pointed out that it was the cats blanket and “absolutely covered in hairs!”.  Thank you lovely xxx

The run started and I felt really quite good.  I found two ladies to pace my self against (usefully wearing hi viz hats as some of the lighting was dubious to say the least) and off I set.  I did my first 5 k in just on the half hour and genuinely felt that I was on line for not only a PB but also a sub hour run.  I was so excited and then I turned round the corner….and looked up…..

That was the end of my PB aspirations.  There was around 4k during that race of entirely up hill (and at one point it was difficult even walking up it)  I therefore slowed down to pretty much a halt at times and on the shorter down hill bits, couldn’t make up my times.  I kept with the hat ladies until near the end.

On the way out I had noticed that on the back of the one mile marker it said 6 miles (for the return journey)  I knew that couldn’t be correct unless we were finishing somewhere different to the start, or short circuiting the route.  Anway, when I hit 6 miles I was really desperate for things to finish.  I had passed 9k at 58 minutes so was hoping for under 65 minutes.  That was before my runkeeper kept on going …past 10k…past 10.5 k (believe me – those extra bits mattered a great deal at this point).  I was convinced the race end must be close (especially as I had startted my runkeeper a little bit after we actually started due to my cold hands and coordination difficulties). 

I started to think that maybe the hat ladies weren’t actually part of the race and maybe I was following random runners in their pre marathon training and that I might just have to go on forever, lost in Truro with no idea of where the original race I had started was now going on.

As it was, I was over dramatising things in my head (that’s a surprise!) and we actually came round the corner, (up another lovely hill) to homebase at nearly 10.9k.

I went to collect my medal and said – I don’t think that was a 10k course.  The lady laughed and said – oh the guy at the start was supposed to tell you that – did he forget? Oh dear!

Oh dear indeed!

Anyway, the family had been busy during my time away. Every car had a card advertising my challenge and Luca’s cause under their windscreens (including our own as Kerry had got a bit carried away and not recognised her own car  (?!)  Jorja had made friends with the cute dog we had seen earlier and we had all had a pretty fab evening.

We went straight back to the hotel.  I had (another) bath and went to bed.  I was so hyped that I couldn’t sleep and so got up with a very groggy head this morning.

We had a lush breakfast and drove home.  Paul got us safely back and another week is over!

This was a fab trip and great to have the family along.  Some serious thanking to do! (oh and mam and dad paid for our breakfasts – I know you will remind me yours was free if you are reading this thoughtJorja)

Next week Coventry when I think it will be the return of the “mam and me not so “with it” combo attending! Bring it on!  Luca – we are back on track (or on a post no sleep high!) xxx

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One Response to Post Truro – week 26, run 25

  1. Steve Prosser says:

    Well done Dee, glad I can help, the cups are always available!! X

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