Post Coventry Week 27 – run 26

Had a good week to start with but have been pretty tired (bit of burning the candle at both ends which is unusual for me).  Added to this, not been able to sleep (its an age thing!) so although felt relatively good in my head, the body was a bit “running on empty”  Don’t think the week was helped by Dad having his cataract surgery.  When I picked him up – I thought the amount of bruising on his face was unusual for what I thought normally happened in this type of surgery but it all became clear when Mam got in the car and started with “shall I tell her, or do you want to”….. Turned out Dad fell over on the way to his surgery, fractured 2 ribs and smashed his face into the railings.   Yep, the good week was short lived! 

Anyway, off to Coventry went me…….and my mam.  We left Dad at home to the care of my Sister (planning regular visits and generally keeping him out of trouble). I swear Mam and I  are getting worse.  This time the conversation centred around how we are going to manage to go to Ireland next week with only hand luggage for 4 days, not look like tramps, run twice (me, not mam and dad) and smell ok for the return journey (all of us) This occupied us most of the way with Mam creating more different options of ways round this than you would ever have thought existed.  We are all a bit stressed as my Uncle’s funeral is next Monday so we are then driving up to Liverpool and then I have to drive back that night to get to work on the Tuesday.  Thus, the planning has taken on monumental proportions.

Anyway, we made it Coventry and booked into a really quite nice hotel (obviously on the cheap though – we are ever the bargain hunters!) and got into our room. It had a double bed (kindly given to me by my Mam) and also it had a bath – signal to get into it (bath not bed) as much as possible – I refer you back to the saga of the rented out bath in my own house mentioned last week) 

We had parked in spot labelled “ladies only”.  This we did for novelty value as we didn’t really think our lives were going to under threat by the general appearance of us compared to the all the beautiful people who were sure to be in some kind of function at the Hotel that night.  Mam also debated whether we qualified as Ladies – I had to shut down that line of conversation before we both lost control of our senses.

We found the bar menu and after settling into our room (having admired the TV  (me) the cute and small Kettle (Mam) and enjoying the warm and cosy environment (both of us), went back to the bar to eat.   We ordered food and then found out that an Irish band would be playing that night.

That sorted out entertainment – we met the lovely son of the main singer who gave £10 for Luca and also took the number of Cities of the UK to be a new question in his quiz.  A great night was had and we were tucked up in bed at 10.30.   I really didn’t need the hot water bottle (in addition to the quilt, 24 hour radiator and the age thing) so not only kept waking up but also had the most vivid dreams. 

My main dream involved me running a 10k (cant imagine why that is on my mind!), worrying about my Sister’s over pronating feet and trying to find some support trainers for  her and getting her to try them on without me stopping running.  I also was trying to discuss thickness of running socks with her as the trainers were a bit big.  This must have been related to Kerry training for Newry and having ankle pains and this being on my mind.  Anyway, it was quite exhausting and I didn’t wake in the most refreshed state.

I ate honey shreddies instead of honey nut shredded wheat or mini weetabix and to be honest – I don’t trust them as much.  That’s all.  Think I will change back. Didn’t seem to give me any energy at all.

We finally left the hotel after a number of conversations involving “have you got the key?”, “no, you have”, “no I haven’t”, “yes you have”, “oh yes I have”, and returned twice, for my iphone plug and for Mam’s flannel.  Yep, nothing changing there at all then!

The weather was totally lush. Cold, crisp and sunny blue skies.  Until half an hour before the run.  The cold, crisp bit stayed but the sun disappeared.  Fortunately,  Mam stood by me to the last minute and took my coat just as the run started which was fab.  I had set my runkeeper to time me at 6minutes a kilometre (never done this before and pretty over optimistic of my ability).  I set off and……my runkeeper didn’t.

Not only did I never hear from my runkeeper again (I assumed I had messed up and it was going to suddenly very annoyingly and triumphantly announce 10k in around 70 minutes time) but also because the run was 3 laps, for some reason the first marker I saw was 4k which messed totally with my head because I knew I hadn’t even got to 1k yet (I was still expecting my runkeeper to chime in at this point but after 10minutes I realised that even I couldn’t run that slowly that I had not got to 1k (as it was I missed the 1k marker due to the fact I then  passed a 7k marker which totally finished me off psyche wise).  It was a mentally exhausting run imagining, 6 or 7k in advance from the time I started running.

Added to this, at each lap, 1k was through a muddy field.  My new trainers suffered and so did I.  I slowed down so much that I was overtaken by a leprechaun, a man dressed in a skirt, top, grey wig and stick, a small child and someone who was walking.  I reached a new low in my running adventures.  I then had to repeat running through the quagmire twice more which pretty much ended any hope of me retaining any positive thoughts to get me through.

Mam had decided to brave the cold and place herself at the finish point that we went by twice before being diverted throughon the final lap.  This meant she could get her “action shots”.  The first round she missed seeing me entirely.  I had to run over and poke her in the shoulder as I shot/trotted/limped past.  The second time the camera apparently shut itself down (“it’s never done that before”).  The third time Mam managed to get the appropriate shots.  Unfortunately, as I held out my hand with Luca’s name on it (triumphantly as I had actually managed to finish without walking), Mam got a bit overexcited, zoomed in and took a headless photo of me….. The photo album is looking pretty impressive I have to say! 

The downside on finishing was that my runkeeper never chimed back in with it’s report of my distance because it turned out I had accidently turned it off 6 seconds into my run.  Yep, definitely my mother’s daughter!

What I did like was that my first running tune was from One Direction and Luca is hopefully meeting them this weekend (his fave band) and the last one was Heather Small, Proud – which always reminds me of Luca and why I am doing this ridiculous challenge. I hasten to add that neither cheered me out of my self imposed gloom at having to run when I really wanted to be in bed! Not sure there is any music in the world that can have that effect on me!

After the run we got straight back in the car (admiring a couple of trees on the way – Mam liked them particularly) and discussed the  “very good looking young man who helped me open the milk container for my coffee” – highlight of Mam’s morning.

We drove back home, revisiting the Ireland and packing and clothing issue a couple of times and got back in good time.  I had a totally lush bath at Mam and Dad’s (again reference the renting out of my own bath!) and ate half of the dinner Dad had cooked for him and Mam and then returned home. 

Another week over and this week coming brings on Derry and Belfast – travelling with hand luggage only, my Mam and my Dad, in and out of different Airports and hiring a car to drive in Ireland in the middle of all that.  What could possibly be wrong with those plans!

See you next week xxx

PS – went out for a lovey meal this week. Got so carried away with the lovely restaurant that I had eaten the Mango mousse before remembering I had given up puddings for Lent – so much energy wasted on last weekend’s decision making after all that!

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