Post Southampton – week 29, run 29 !!!

This was a not so good week prep wise.  I was tired and a bit strung out after the funeral and all that stuff.  My massage got cancelled, I didn’t stretch and I didn’t do any exercise.  I was tired and I tried to fit in all my jobs to the 2 days off which made them pretty frantic.

On this background I went to Yeovil for a course on Friday night.  The hotel they put me up in was called the Keep (a sleep boutique) – it was amazing, completely amazing. It was so lovely and luxurious and I was met by Isobel the owner when I arrived and offered lemon drizzle cake (I didn’t take it – still remembering at least some of my lent promises!)

The very lovely Isobel asked me what I was doing for the weekend and … I turned into my mam and my dad!  I explained about the challenge for Luca and gave her a card!!!  She gave a donation from her and her husband for Luca – how amazing is that?

I had a lush nights sleep and then went on my course which was totally fab.  In the evening I drove to Southampton to my hotel for the night (def not in the league of the one the night before) and settled in for the evening. The weather was atrocious but I was hoping it was passing by (!!!)

I went to bed early and woke at 1.30am as the occupants of the room above had decided to have an impromptu party and felt I should be involved!  The laughing, screaming, shouting and stamping went on for some time as I tried the pillow over the head and the relaxation techniques to phase out the sound.  I then resorted to ringing the night porter who must have eventually persuaded the party to stop and a few hours later I was able to get back to sleep.

Today dawned bright and sunny – NO IT DID NOT!!!  It was awful – cold, rainy, miserable and grumpy – just like me. I drove to the ground ridiculously early (for a change) and then hid in various portaloos for as long as I could without being forcibly removed from the event. 

At one moment – the sun suddenly shone and the rain stopped and I thought that my usual charm of running for Luca might work (so far although cold, often the horrific weather has stopped just for the time I have run for Luca and so I have got a bit superstitious about it being “nice to run weather” to run in). 

Anyway,  the charm didn’t work.  It became overcast, I became morose and started writing on facebook about my self pitying woes and was saved from completely losing myself in my own sorry state by some lovely friends who sent very encouraging messages.  Added to that, concentrating on thinking about Luca meant that I did actually make it to start the run which at one point had felt doubtful.  I was sorely missing my family keeping me company – I think I have been spoiled a bit these last few weeks. Fending for myself is not so much fun.

Anyway, it rained.  It rained and it rained and it rained and then it rained some more.  I never got to take my jacket off as 1) it was stuck to me and 2)  i was convinced that if I stopped then i would get stuck in flood water and drown.

Actually this was one of those runs where I had one of my small hallucination episodes.  After the second lap, those finishing first (the 30 minuters) had to veer off to the left.  Some bloke ran in front of me and veered off causing me to almost fall over (not really, but it could have happened).  I then started to wonder what would have happened if I fell. 

I first thought I might dislocate my shoulder and I wondered if I could do the remaining 4k with my shoulder tucked into my running shirt or if I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain.  I then thought that maybe I wouldn’t dislocate my shoulder but maybe I might fracture my collar bone.  I thought that might be even worse to run with so then I wondered if the St John volunteers would walk with me to finish the 10k or indeed if they would give me gas and air to carry on walking the rest of the race.  I then thought that maybe health and safety would say that I couldn’t walk round with a cannister of gas and air and try and complete a 10k race.

At that point I realised I had wasted around 1.5 k going through a variety of scenarios that had not happened and were unlikely to happen and in fact I was just behaving weirdly.  Maybe it is the jelly shot things that I use for energy that activate my imagination or maybe it was the driving rain hitting my heat continuously like some kind of water torture causing me to temporarily lose my sanity. 

Anyway, wondering about the cause of my pseudo hallucinations took up another 1.5 k and then I realised I was at 9k at around 56 minutes and therefore on for a relatively good time.  I started sprinting (read trotting at a slightly faster pace than my usual) and made it in just under 62 minutes which I was very pleased with.  I forgot to turn off my runkeeper so I look like I am around the normal 65-70 minute mark but never mind.

I walked around a mile in more rain to get back to my car and then changed into dry clothes – so so lush!

I drove home via the gym for a shower and am about to cwtch on the sofa for the evening.

The bit I did want to tell you about this week which has been the total highlight of my week (and possibly my life) is red nose day.  My niece elected to go to the Superhero themed day at school dressed as me running for Luca.  She had the right outfit, the “for luca” (with a little smiley face) written on the correct hand (I am left handed and she is not), and had included a black headband like the one I wear.  She was a total mini me (except she is totally beautiful – and not just coz she is my niece!)  I was so, so touched that she did this although it is very typical of her lovely nature.  I adore her completely and am so proud to be her Aunty.  It scares me how much I love her!  Anyway,  I thought Luca would love the fact she did that too and hopefully they will meet again soon. 

With that I am signing off for another week. Adventure to Canterbury next week.  Hoping for tropical weather……

PS have just eaten a pot of peanut butter.  That cannot be good 😦

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One Response to Post Southampton – week 29, run 29 !!!

  1. Kirk says:

    Well done Dee- there are a few nervous faces here about the 62 minute time (in wet conditions) fingers crossed for a dry track in Canterbury and we’re looking forward to your visit to Bristol.

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