Post Canterbury – week 30, run 30!!!

Well this the latest I have ever written a blog. In fact I am off early tomorrow morning to drive to Stoke on Trent to run my 31st 10k!

I ran in Canterbury last Sunday – the week before had been a blur of lots of work and rather a lot of early nights accompanied by erratic eating (sometimes angelic and sometimes kitchen contents type of eating) and again no exercise. I did however have the fabbest massage in the world from Steve “picking up the pieces and keeping me going” Prosser. He and his cups (again, not a euphemism) came round to the house and beat my poor old legs into submission – they had been struggling a great deal!

I drove to Canterbury on Saturday morning and stayed at one of my oldest and best friends houses. I am completely indebted to him for so much in my life and he has been unerringly kind and thoughtful even when I have behaved like a horrid teenager! Thank you – you know who you are.

I had a fab meal out with a friend and then a great nights sleep. I left half my belongings behind in the morning but never mind. I got to the run very early (again!) and it was lush. There was a village hall as headquarters with lovely toilets (I am fast becoming a connoisseur of such things!). I stayed in the warm until 7 minutes before the start when every one left to go outside. I panicked at 7 minutes in the cold and made a last minute decision to take my jacket (after taking it off and on for the preceeding hour).

Yep – you have guessed it – that was a mistake! The weather was freezing but dry and I warmed up really quickly necessitating the frantic trying to take the jacket off, hold my gloves and water bottle, do the zip up again and tie it round my waist whilst not falling over, pushing other people or losing any time or bearings on where I am running.

I eventually achieved this feat and the run was lush. It was flat and pretty and I found a random man who appeared to be pacing a lady in pink to what I estimated would be an hour finish. Actually I dont think I was the only person who spotted him as he developed a little bit of a pied piper effect by the end of the race and having started off with just the pink lady, he was closely followed in by around 6 or 7 others who had decided to use his pacing expertise.

As it was, I was a minute or two over the hour and I think this was because I had got a bit cocky around 5k and over taken both the pink lady and the pied piper and thus expended a bit too much energy too soon. I think that is why they didn’t really mind me following them as they felt a little sorry for me as they jogged past at around 7k in a very relaxed manner, whilst I was looking frantically for a green coated attendant with an oxygen cannister just in case.

Anyway, it was a great run, a lovely day and a lovely catch up with old friends. I came home and put my hello to Luca on facebook. Oh his dad had posted the most beautiful video of Luca on his page that night. It is set to lovely music and shows Luca’s progression over the last year and also a huge selection of those raising their hands to him. I was so proud to be involved and I got a bit overemotional (yep – again!)

Tomorrow, the intrepid trio of myself, Mam and Dad are off to Stoke on Trent. Dad is planning to stay in the car with a blanket and hot water bottle, Mam is going to discover parts of Stoke on Trent that even they don’t know exist and I am going to try and get us all there and back in one piece ………………will let you know how we get on! x

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