Post Stoke on Trent – week 31, run 31!!!

Well, didn’t do much exercise between runs this week (for a change)as a bit tired and also developed a bit of a social life! Now that is a really odd experience! Anyway, I ate badly, lounged around and generally had a good week and was on track for Stoke on Trent in a quick “there and back” all dayer for Good Friday.

Yep, should have thought through the M6 and the Good Friday thing but unfortunately did not! Fortunately I had mam and dad along for the trip so the company was good and the conversation rapid and witty. A highlight, after a few moments of silence was my mam’s “you must have been in some traffic jams in your life”. I felt we had possibly reached an all time low until a bit later, after a longer silence, she added “seagulls are really big birds”.. so you can see, a traffic jam and my mam (dad was in the back with a blanket, hot water bottle and his kindle so was pretty much oblivious to most things) and the time just shot by!!!

What actually made it more interesting was having seen Michael McIntyre’s sketch about sitting in traffic jams (honestly more funny than that sounded) – mam and I kept reciting bits of the sketch which kept us occupied. More amusing to me was the inevitable appearance of the MS word muddle on behalf of my mam. She started off quoting Rhod McIntyre’s sketch (mixing him up with Rhod Gilbert) and then struggled to remember Michael McIntyre’s name. She eventually devised a long involved theme to remember it and proudly announced, the night before last, that she had now mastered Malcolm McIntyre’s name. My sister and I nearly cried laughing and we have given up hope of ever knowing who either mam or dad are talking about (Dad had added his earlier gem of it’s not Rhod McIntyre, it is Rob Gilbert…. which didn’t do much to save the confusion!)

AFter a mentally exhausting 4 hours (for all of us!), we arrived in Stoke on Trent, found a Toby Carvery next to the River, parked in a legal car park (new and exciting experience that!) and then found a sign to take a photo by. This involved the usual spectacle of self portraits, body parts and then eventually a photo taken that roughly included me, my hand raised for Luca and a sign saying Stoke on Trent. I forgot my pen to write on my hand. Mam asked if a pencil would do…. Dad managed to leave his walking stick at the sign and so we had a bit of a mad dash back before they saw me safely off and I started a lovely smooth and flat run along the side of the river. The weather was fab and the run was lovely. I actually looked around a bit (probably shouldn’t have done this as it got a bit worrying at the scrapyard, wasteland, dodgy looking end that I eventually ran too). I was probably better off ignoring the landscape and not spending 3k fearing for my safety (no dramatics in this run at all as you can see!)

Anyway – made good time and finished around 62/63 minutes (really destined never to break the 1 hour barrier I feel!) and we then had a lovely meal in the Carvery. A lovely waitrose gave her tips to me for Luca and we left feeling pretty happy.

The journey home was fab – the traffic on the other side of the motorway brought about more Rhod/Rob/Gilbert/McIntyre commentry from mam and we arrived back safe and sound early evening, much later than planned but meaning that I had a whole weekend off to myself!!!

Enjoyed myself so much I forgot to write my blog – so sorry Luca – and was back on track diet and exercise wise for around 24 hours before I ate every Easter egg I had been given in one sitting. I am now rolling around the flat with an extra kilo or 3 just waiting for me to run them off at Lincoln this weekend coming – this one is with my sister, brother in law and niece – hoping for a lot of laughing!

See you soon xxx

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