Post Lincoln – week 32, run 32!!!

Well this week flew by! I actually did some exercise this week – new spin bikes at Bannetynes – lovely, lovely, lovely! The only downside to the class was that between the car and the gym, Wynne Evans (who was guest presenting on BBC radio Wales, tried to ring me to advertise the challenge) and I missed the 2 calls – DOH!!!

Later in the week I also did a 5k run trying to sweat out my cold symptoms (well that didn’t work at all and felt horrid during run so not doing that again!)

This week I was chauffeured to and from Lincoln by my brother in law which in turn meant I totally lost the ability to think for myself. My sister therefore took over as my thought processes (thankfully) which meant that I turned up in the right places at the right time.

We picked my lovely niece up from Leicester on the way through which broke up the journey nicely and also added a new level of entertainment to the travel. We got to Lincoln early and stayed in a lovely premier inn. We walked into the City Centre, admired the Cathedral (and a large deposit of stones that looked like dinosaur poo) and then walked back to eat at the hotel restaurant.

Paul and Jorja were about to have a race to finish their quite scrummy desserts but Jorja then brought sense to the party saying that eating it slowly would mean they could enjoy it more (didn’t stop them both feeling really sick after a whole glass of chocolate and ice cream through).

After food, I went back to my room to have the obligatory bath – yay! and watched TV for a bit. I slept well but woke feeling quite muzzy headed due to what can only be described as man flu (or something much worse!)

We got to the run around 2 hours early (why deviate from the habits of a life time) and Paul managed to not only sweet talk the photographer into taking pics of me, Kerry and JG in our Luca shirts but also persuaded the man on the tannoy to read out the whole card Kerry had made about the challenge. He gave Luca a good 5 minutes of air time which was totally fab.

The race was a flat, well organised, large 10k run. I had elected to be honest and start in the over 60 minutes finishers section which meant I started around 5450th of 5500. In front of me were a variety of people including a guy with a fridge on his back, 3 hounds and batman and robin.

Kerry waited with me in the queue to start and was trying to keep a check on my worsening nerves. She spotted a guy dressed as a banana and said – at least you will be able to overtake him. We then watched him take his place in the sub 60 section and both started to laugh hysterically. She gave up trying to motivate me after that!

The weather was awesome and so was the run – very flat and really quite nice. Unfortunately, my cold symptoms (yep – just about found something to blame!) made my breathing a bit of an issue (not something that helps the speedy finishing of a 10k I can tell you). Anyway, I came in at 62 mins (roughly) after seriously (again!) thinking I would break the hour mark.

Unfortunately at 9k, because the finish flag seemed so far away, my fragile psyche allowed me to quit maximum effort (actually my feeling unwell probably didn’t help either) and so I didn’t make the sub 60.

We all met up again at the end and I jokingly asked if the guy with the fridge had finished before me. Luckily he hadn’t. Unfortunately, Jorja’s amazing memory came into play and the next hour or so of conversation was occasionally peppered with comments from the background including ” a banana overtook you”…..”and a monkey”….” oh, and a couple of chickens”….. (yep, pretty much every animal and fruit finished sub 60. Any danger of feeling smug at finished was pretty much curbed by the remarkable memory of my rather lovely niece!)

We got to the car to leave and…..stayed there. It took an hour to get out of the car park. During this time, we debated parking etiquette, the British tendancy to politely queue, who should let whom out of a side parking queue and when, and by around 60 minutes had pretty much resorted to abusing and maligning anyone who remained in front of us (politely for JG’s sake obviously!)

We eventually got on the road and we were treated to JG reading to us for most of the return journey. I got to hear the middle and end of “Fing – a modern day fairy tale (very happy ending) and Pedro the ugliest dog in the world (unfortunately – just as we were totally involved in this story, Jorja quietly announced that this book was sample that she had downloaded and if we wanted to know what happened, then her mam and dad would need to buy the book for her!!!)

We listened to a bit of Heidi (“what actually happens in this book?” – frustrated voice after 20minutes of a very slow to get going story had been read through) and then a couple more excerpts of books before Jorja needed to rest her voice (pretty amazing reading effort though – most of the 3.5 hr journey and read totally beautifully).

I finally got dropped off outside my front door, got into my car and went to mam and dads for a bath (shower still broken) – thanks to Paul, Kerry and Jorja for a fab weekend and much support and fun. Pretty much went straight to bed feeling rubbish by the time I got back to the house a second time. Going to have a restful week. See ya next time xxx

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