Post Salisbury week 34, run 34!!!

Pretty busy week this week. Managed a pilates class on Tuesday which I felt on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Didn’t manage to spin or run due to work, extreme tiredness and a touch of laziness.

This week was an “own run” in Salisbury and I was accompanied by my Mam and Dad. The day was beautiful and the drive not too bad at all (2 hours is such a short journey these days!). We passed the usual “blushing” trees and the usual flowers just coming out (“very late this year”) and the journey passed uneventfully.

We got to Salisbury and like the well trained parents they are, Mam noticed the sign to denote entering Salisbury and Dad conveniently noticed the Golf club / Cricket club almost opposite where we could potentially park. We drove on into the City to scope out a running route and decided to return to the Cricket club and for me to start my run from there.

We braved the dual carriage way to cross to the sign and take the appropriate photos (I can’t even begin to relate the heart stopping sight of Dad’s jog across the road complete with walking stick and limp, into the path of oncoming traffic – I may be mentally scarred for life!). We had the usual debacle of photo taking involving

1) me losing my patience
2) Mam taking incomplete pictures of varying body parts and signs (to be fair – the sun in her eyes really did not do very much to improve performance!)
3) Dad balancing precariously on the road side having abandoned walking stick to take photos and threatening at any moment to topple sideways to an untimely end

This completed, we made our way to the Cricket club and found a lovely lady with whom it was ok to leave my parents! They apparently had a lush time in the sunny conservatory having drinks and crisps.

I on the other hand – yep, you have guessed it – really did not want to run! My legs felt stiff and heavy and I was tired after a long and emotional evening the previous evening at the rugby saying goodbye to people who have been really really important to me. Added to that, poor sleep and being off my food and I never really got started.

I felt short of breath from the start and absolutely energy-less. I think this is the ongoing nature of the challenge but also because I have run the last 2 weeks unwell and although I am better, it seems to have drained me of energy. I am not sleeping too well at the moment but am hoping that this will all improve.

I ran towards the City Centre and managed to run for 5k. At the turning point, I took a wrong turning and really could not remember the way back! I ended up holding my runkeeper and walk/jogging for around a kilometre whilst trying to reorientate myself. I continued to the finish very very slowly and just dragged myself round the run. I ended up nearer 11k which improved my mood tremendously as you can imagine!

Back at the Cricket club I picked up mam and dad and we went off to find something to eat. We ended up in a lovely shopping village on the edge of the river and had a lush lunch and then browsed the shops afterwards. We took it gently and had a great journey back until we hit the traffic of Bath (post Bath vs Leicester rugby). We worked our way through that (with a few references to Michael McIntyre -correctly named at last by my mam – yay!!!) and arrived back home in good time.

Mam and dad lent me their shower (nope, mine still not working!) and I then went home for food and rest. Am hoping to get back into the eating and exercising properly this week as the next 7 weeks see me running 9 runs including Northern Ireland and Scotland. Bit nervous as to how I am holding up but hoping to get a new burst of energy!

Mam has consulted her “stats” book and this run marked the end of the first half of my challenge! Next week in Armagh takes me over the half way mark! Never thought I would make it this far but need to do so much more to raise the funds I want to for Luca.

Good recovery walk today (sponsored walk for Luca) which was fab so hoping a good week ahead.

See you next week ….xxx

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