Post Bristol – week 36 run 36!!!

Bristol 10k 015Well, seeing as I wrote last weeks blog only yesterday, then not so much has happened to report! Got up early this morning and picked up mam and dad and drove to Bristol.

Met the healthspan crew who have given me a bursary to help with funding my race entry, travel and accommodation and they were fab! The weather was starting to be very nice and I realised how good my mam has become at judging what I need for my run when I was dithering around trying to decide whether to wear my long sleeved under shirt or not. She took it off me and said “you wont need it”. She was right!

6 of us ran – 3 girls and 3 boys. The race was lush and very very busy. The boys ran ahead after around 5k and we girls pretty much finished together pacing ourselves against each other (as it turned out we were all trying to keep up with each other which meant that we kept going faster than we intended – don’t get excited though – no personal best as yet!)

I did think of my lovely niece during this run as I got over taken by a banana (again!), Santa with an ironing board on his back (the children in the crowd were VERY confused), a subway sandwich (twice), Shrek and Batman and Robin (again, again!). Sure if Jorja had been here she would have remembered a much longer list than that! Thank heavens she was doing a waterfall walk so my self respect was only mildly dented!

We all went out for a lush breakfast after the run and I was back and showered and sorted by around 2.30. Feels like I have had an entire weekend off!

Going back to yoga stuff this week and also running for the first time with a proper running club – very nervous!

Till next week, and Oxford, take care xxx

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2 Responses to Post Bristol – week 36 run 36!!!

  1. Paul says:

    Your finding it all to easy..have you thought about carrying a fridge or a cooker

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