Post Bangor – week 40 run 41!!!

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Well this is getting to be a bit of a habit – I have not yet written about Bangor and almost a week has passed- my so called organisational ability is slowly unravelling!

After London and Manchester, I was pretty tired so I did an hour and half of yoga on Tuesday and pretty much retired from all activity after that. I did a lot of sleeping and also ate everything that you shouldn’t. This was evident by my “my fitness pal” which went into overload trying to calculate my calorie intake -the computer definitely said no!

Anyway, Bangor was a me, my sister, brother in law and niece trip. It was basically fab! We left only around 15 mins later than planned after I slept thru my alarm and was woken up by an email from Jorja. We had a good trip up (I was being chauffeur driven which was fab!) and we found our accommodation. It was a lush bed and breakfast and after being shown to the wrong room and being delighted to have a double bed, the lady saw my disappointment at the twin room she had meant to give me and so she swapped me to another room with a kingsize bed in it! The only downside was JG and I had decided to sleep together in the twin room which had got rid of my disappointment but I felt I could not turn the lovely landlady’s offer down. I did say sorry to JG who took it very well. We all then went into Colwyn Bay which was where we were staying and found a lush shop to have food in. Even more amazing was the fact that the gentleman who owned it also had an on line sports shop!!! When we paid the bill, he presented me with a proper pair of running socks as his contribution to my challenge. I was really choked!

We then went to the beach. JG and I buried my feet, dug a hole (using my flip flops) and attempted a very quick paddle in the sea. We had a fab time. We then bought some flying saucers and I also bought a Meerkat (stone, not real) for my mam and dad. We bought some snacky food and made our way back to the b and b. The weather was totally lush.

JG and I then had the best time. We got individually locked in my bathroom due to some weird lock mechanism and I thought JG was deliberately holding it shut. She therefore videod me trying to get out on my ifone so that I would believe her! We then decided to try and get into her mam and dads room by crawling army style in order to steal our sweets without them knowing we were back from a trip to the newsagents. Too much laughing and general noise pretty much gave the game away so we then took upside down fotos of ourselves which was pretty cool I have to say. I have to say that having her on trips is fab and she truly is the person I love most in the world. I am gathering all of these memories for when she no longer lives near me and I will relive them over and over. She is such the best company -very clever and very very funny (and of course worryingly beautiful!)

We eventually went to bed after watching the Voice and it was probably a good idea we didn’t share a room – we got a bit overexcited and I don’t think we would have had much sleep.

In the morning Paul drove us the 25 miles to Bangor and Kerry and JG ran the fun run before mine – I was sooo proud to see both of them in the same shirts as me, running for Luca. It was a fab start to my race day.

My race was ok. I started at the front (for reasons I will one day share) and I had actually no right to be there. It was like a scene from one of those cartoons where everything goes blurry and you suddenly realise you have been left standing!. I got a bit carried away and ran the first 4k at 5min a kilometre and then met the “slight hills”. I didn’t really get to that speed again after the couple of hills killed me. I also had to run on the pier. This had caused my sister and brother in law much amusement when they found this out as they know I have “issues” with piers (like with rope bridges, worms, heights and many other activities and items) They also almost convinced me that I had to pay 25p to run onto the pier which had me a bit worried about how I did that without losing my race pace (ha ha ha). Anyway, I obviously didn’t have to pay 25p and actually the pier wasn’t as bad as I thought as I couldn’t see the sea through the planks of wood thank goodness (I also think that the amount of times it had been mentioned by Kerry and Paul helped me become immune to the irrational fear of falling into the sea and drowning)

Anyway, the run was mis marked and the end of the pier said 8k and it was only 7k so my psyche did its usual and I talked myself into an inability to run at a sub hour speed once more. I therefore finished in around 66 minutes which wasn’t the best but never mind. A lovely young man had asked us about the challenge before the run (after seeing our shirts) and he made the effort to find me after to say well done for finishing (he had finished some time before me!) and to take a card to help advertise the challenge for Luca. Some people are so nice!

We had lunch in Debenhams and took the scenic journey back. We played a game that took the entire journey, requiring us to see various items decided by each other including sheep, cranes, portable toilets (?), green range rovers and signs with fish on. My difficulty with the game was more remembering what I was supposed to be looking for than actually looking for it.

We arrived back tired but having had a fab weekend. And so it goes on!!!

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  1. Paul says:

    By the way you never did spot a fish carrying sign

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