Post Lisburn, Week 42, run 44!!!

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Well this has been 10 days full of adventure. Went to see the lovely Mr Hariharan about the foot I have been complaining about for weeks – he fitted me in at short notice so am incredibly grateful as you know I am so paranoid about not being able to finish my challenge!

Anyway, he wasn’t sure I had the right diagnosis and was worried I had a stress fracture – I got very worried too although he was quite matter of fact about my need to complete the challenge so had already decided on a plan to just get me through it and sort it out after which I was very happy with.

Anyway, after asking his colleague to scan my foot (also fitting me in at very short notice – thank you so, so much!), it turned out I had a bursitis which he injected. I was absolutely sure this was going to sort things out but unfortunately I appear to be the tiny percentage of people that things become worse in and I have been unable to walk bare foot without feeling a really powerful electric shock sensation in my toes at every step which is really painful!

Poor Mr Hariharan has been the long suffering recipient of many panicked emails since and fortunately is coping very well with my fragile psyche!!! I have worked out which shoes make my symptoms minimal but I was dreading running in Lisburn. I therefore did nothing for the 10 days between runs – I went entirely “off feet”, ate properly and rested. I also kept my fingers crossed. A lot.

Race day arrived and I drove to Cardiff airport only to find my plane was delayed by an hour – this meant the picking up of the hire car was delayed (thank you Budget for doing me a good deal for the amount of car hiring I have had to do with you!) and the drive to Lisburn was through rush hour traffic and most of the parking had gone by the time I got to the race.

I refused to be ruffled (read – I actually panicked my backside off) and I picked up my race number and got ready to run. It was a strange race in that the start was a bit like a funnel and it was ages before I got going. I managed to turn off my runkeeper accidently and then not be able to see it in the sunlight to restart it. I therefore had to stop running to sort myself out which wasted precious time. It was hot and I was hungry – having forgotten to plan my eating properly with all the rush of the delay.

The run was lovely and only mildly undulating but my toes became painfully numb every 2 or so k so I had to then walk until the feeling came back. I repeated this cycle around 4 times and I was in a lot of pain and feeling very, very sorry for myself by the end. Added to this, the painful buttock (have I mentioned this before? You surprise me!!!) was beginning to plague me and I had a massive sense of humour failure. I trogged round in around 68 minutes, scowling and irritable and feeling generally rough. I then drove to my bed and breakfast (the lovely Theodore at the All Seasons again) and had a terrible nights sleep as I could not settle post run until very late (run had been at 7.10pm).

I got up early to drive to the airport, get petrol, return the car and check in with plenty of time. I had plenty of time. When I got there, the check in board told me that my plane was delayed by 2 1/2 hours! So lucky I was there at 8.30 for a 12.30 flight!

I hung around. I got bored. I bought the duty free shop. I bought the restaurant and ate around 3 breakfasts.

I finally got home having had a lovely chat with a guy it turned out was from Newport (we discussed Luca and my challenge – I turned into my mother, describing the ins and outs of the challenge and he very politely coped!poor chap!). The traffic from the airport was slow after an horrific accident in Rhoose in the morning. My thoughts go out to all involved in the accident – I can’t begin to imagine how awful it must have been.

I got home and popped in to see mam and dad and recounted the whole sorry journey.

I made an urgent call to my best friend who put me in touch with a fab Podiatrist and I went to see him last Friday. Apparently I have horse feet. I also walk sounding like I weigh around 4 times my actual body weight. I came out of the consultation with amazing relief in the form of orthotics for my feet (instant relief) and a huge complex about my horsey anatomy and inelegant stomping! (only joking! thanks to Richard Parks for introducing me and thanks so much to Andrew James from ACE feet in motion who may be the saviour of my challenge!)

Given up barefoot walking and at times can now stop obsessing about my foot which is quite a relief. It was becoming very tiring – I am beginning to bore myself. I can now almost entirely focus on my buttock pain and a sneaking suspicion that I have a hamstring tendinopathy – gosh this being an “athlete” thing is exhausting. Heaven forbid I ever have a time when there is nothing hurting for me to get worried about – what will I fill my time with?!

Big news this week was Luca’s first 6 unaided steps. I nearly cried. I have to remind myself over and over when I am wallowing in my self pity and that Luca really just gets on with it. A big lesson and one that should make me ashamed of myself when I am obsessing about my latest “niggle”.

Am hoping to catch up with him and the family in the next couple of weeks and hopefully he will give me a tough talking to! (and maybe some crisps – or maybe not!)

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One Response to Post Lisburn, Week 42, run 44!!!

  1. mum says:

    excellent blog dee, through the pain! luv mum

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