Post St David’s – week 44, run 45!!!

St Davids blog pic

Well – this week me and my horse feet went back to basics. I went to pilates and yoga and also tried a short run with my new orthotics- the orthotics are fab! I believe Andrew James from ace feet in motion may just have saved my life. I also had someone look at my buttock problem and it is not my hamstrings (yay!!!) so after some very painful treatment and some strict instructions regarding stretching (apparently getting in the car straight away post 10k and driving 3-4 hours home is not a good recovery!), I am starting to feel better. I can even stop emailing Mr Hariharan which I am sure will make him much relieved! I also now know that the reason I cant do downward facing dog in yoga is not due to inability but due to the anatomy of my horse feet so I am well chuffed!

On Friday night me, mam and Kerry went to ladies night for Luca – it was fab! We laughed, ate and danced and ate some more. We were served by topless waiters and treated to an amazing act in the form of CCQuin – a fab night. Chatted with Luca’s aunties and Mam and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Many congrats to the organisers for an awesome evening.

I decided to run my “own run” in St Davids on Sunday (today) as yesterday was the Lions match and I couldn’t face missing yet another game. I am very proud indeed that Danny Lydiate is one of my handprint givers – had an awesome match and I am proud that he has given his support to Luca.

We set off early this morning – I was being driven by my lovely brother in law and in car entertainment was provided by my lovely niece Jorja. My sister ran with me!

Kerry and I are totally different – I train listening to Ollie Murs and One Direction – she trains listening to The Iliad or The Odyssey. She has a training schedule logged on Excel – I have a couple of books full of notes I mean to write up and never get around to. I rock up in a City, get out the car and run for 5k in one direction then come back – Kerry researches run routes, prints off maps and knows the geographical make up and content of the entire City (as well as directions, where to eat and any historical points of interest).

I knew 2 things – 1) I was in good hands and would not be getting lost. 2) She would get ridiculously nervous, think she couldn’t do it and then absolutely ace it. I was correct on both points.

Actually we didn’t follow Kerry’s route (I think the nerves came into play so I took command and very knowledgably said – um, lets go this way and then……come back again). Kerry set a great pace (she hadn’t previously run outside and she hadn’t done more than 7k in one go (which was more of a run/ walk than run). I lied a couple of times about the distance my runkeeper had told me we had run and she knew that I was lying the first time but not the second. We went really quite smoothly and it was not straightforward as it was def gently undulating (again!). We only walked a tiny bit of one of the hills and even managed a sprint finish singing along to the Jaggs “Back of my hand” (70s/80s tune… had to be there!). Anyway we had worked out that we should reach 10k roughly at the Cathedral so I excitedly kept the secret from Kerry that we had passed 10k before we started singing on the final descent to the Cathedral.

By the time we had reached the Cathedral we had run 10.7k – I was so, so proud of her and us! It was great to have company on the run and we kept each other going. My foot was not painful (although my toes went a little numb as usual – but manageable) and now Kerry knows she can easily finish a 10k. Actually – I know from watching her that she can do more than just finish it. She could be fast and much better than I will ever be if she wanted to train – she also has the mental strength that I don’t and I think I will be hanging on to her coat tails in Newry!

We had a totally lush meal and then drove home – playing the usual – spot a wind turbine/bird of prey/fish with a sign/sign with a fish and then we spent some time thinking of names for the puppy I want to one day get. Believe me – Jorja had a completely unending contribution to this conversation!!!

Off to bed after a bath now and running in Derby on Friday night. I am getting really very tired now and struggling a bit. I have emailed all my backers asking for some help raising the profile of the challenge as I am still £65,000 short of my target for Luca. I am hoping they will have time to get back to me and possibly help out – keep ya fingers crossed.

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