Post Derby – week 45, run 46!!!

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Well – this week went very quickly as I was running on the Friday. I felt pretty good after the treatment for my buttock pain! First time for ages I could sit and not be in pain immediately – quite a novelty! I couldn’t go to pilates as I went to watch my lovely niece sing in a school concert – oh my gosh the choir were fab! Anyway, I did do a yoga class later in the week and then on Friday drove to Derby.

I had miscalculated, thinking that it was 3 hrs 40mins away but it was actually only 2hrs 40. I was therefore pretty relaxed and picked up mam and dad and started out. The journey was horrific – lovely weather and a Friday afternoon and traffic do not mix!

We took 4 hours to get to Derby – me panicking more and more and mam trying to keep me calm. When we finally got there (under an hour before the run instead of the 2 I like), I was in pain from the long sit and everything went wrong. I had not paid much attention to packing which was unusual. This meant that I had just shoved a load of stuff in a different bag to usual and none of it was organised. I faffed and panicked and forgot things and kept having to go back to the car for the whole hour that was left before the run. I managed to lose my chip timing thing and dad, love him, secretly “ran” (complete with crutch – he had forgotten his walking stick) and organised me a new number…..just as the tannoy announced mine had been founds. I then had to go back and return the one dad had got for me so his best intentions had led to tiredness and much shortness of breath on his behalf. Lovely gesture though.

The run was a 2 circuits of 5k and “multi terrain” (read uneven surface and 2 “gently climbing” hills). It was hot. I had forgotten my beans to eat. I had eaten all wrongly due to the timing and the sitting in the car so long and I was irritable (for a change!) I was tired from the first step and instead of drawing on the mental toughness exhibited by my sister the week before, I wallowed in self pity all the way round and generally complained. NOT a good example at all Luca!

I finished slowly, sweating buckets and felt pretty horrid. I stretched off(ha ha – I re read that as stretchered off – probably would have been more appropriate!) a bit (I am learning!), got back in the car and drove us home.

Mam talked. And talked. And talked. And talked. All in an effort to keep me awake (although as she pointed out, she doesn’t actually need much encouragement!). The discussion about the Croeso I Gymru and Sir Fynwy signs took us the entire way home. Mam worked out a way of remembering the first as it rhymed with comfrey (don’t ask!) and with that useful memory aid we proceeded as previously to go through every single pronunciation except the correct one for around 20 miles!

I was nearly crying laughing. Mam was nearly crying. Apparently she had entertained my niece greatly by discussing the runs completed by Iddie Ezzard the previous week (Jorja did kindly point out his name was Eddie Izzard though!)

Anyway, saw mam yesterday and her first words were the welcome to Wales ones correctly pronounced so we are either progressing or I have finally driven her over the edge (especially as I had only popped round to watch the Lions match so the welcome was a little unexpected!)

Talking of the Lions – how awesome to have Danny Lydiate’s handprint on my shirt for Luca – so proud!!!

Anyway, we all got back safely and have spent the weekend recovering. Still not there yet! Roll on London next weekend. Yay.

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