Post City of London – week 46, run 47!!!

London pic for facebook

Well this will be quick. Main reasons:

1) Mam not on this trip
2) Sister, brother in law and Niece not on this trip

This equals organised chaos and a pretty lonely run! The week was pretty good apart from a bit of personal stuff that was eventful but that settled in the end. Went to do parkrun yesterday and did 3k. Kerry did the whole lot, in 31 mins! I think I may start in a different wave to hers in Newry!

I went to London yesterday evening. It was hot. It was noisy. It was sticky.

I stayed in the University of Westminster halls – no cheap places anywhere -I think a royal baby is due or something??

The room was lush – on the 20th floor so spectacular views over London. The shower was like a pod on an aircraft and I kept expecting to be told to sit down and fasten my seatbelt as we hit turbulence (I don’t think the height of the building helped me much)

The bed was the tiniest single bed ever. I sleep in a double and totally forgot so rolled over to stretch out and fell onto the floor. That was painful. It also reduced my ability to relax into sleep and I woke every time I turned over (I think) just to check I was still safely on board

Got up early this morning and got the tube to Piccadilly Circus. It was really well signposted to the start which was (it seemed like) a couple of miles away.

I sauntered over and being early got what I thought was a good starting point. The pre race motivational talk was terrible! Katrina (minus her waves) was very good. The vintage taxi procession was….. interesting.

The first wave went off at 9.45. I didn’t move position until around 10.15. I have no idea how I ended up being at the back of 30,000 people but it was very annoying (didn’t get overtaken much tho!). I eventually started running at around 10.30 – an hour after I was expecting to start.

Even a lady dressed in walking shoes, carrying her handbag and a bag of shopping went before me (she had no race number on and the people I was chatting to behind me thought that she was probably a tourist and had taken a wrong turning and was looking around in amazement at how busy London was! We were also concerned she might have to complete the whole 10k before the next shopping stop she had been aiming to make!)

I was very paranoid I was going to miss my 1.30 train home so calculating all sorts of possibilities of run times, time to pick up my bag from the University and get to Paddington, kept me pretty much occupied for the first few K. At what point my runkeeper (or the race markers I suppose) went wrong, I am not too sure.

For the first time ever, my runkeeper appeared to be kilometre ahead of the markers. I never worked it out – my runkeeper said 10k at 62 mins (not unbelievable) but the finish line came at 11k. It was a mystery and I have to say even worse psychologically that the being behind the markers.

Anyway, the advantage of being at the back meant I got to overtake some people for a change but I found the dodging in and out of people walking and trying to avoid spectators who were playing some kind of road dare to cross in between runners with a variety of objects (shopping bags, buggies, walking sticks, other halves etc) really quite tiring. I have never said excuse me or sorry so much in a race!

I finished, walked some more (miles) to pick up a medal (whilst asking everyone I passed hysterically if I had missed the medal pick up – didn’t realise the heat had turned me into a raging medal obsessed weirdo!) and then took the tube back to the University (sweating attractively all the way)

I got changed, got the tube to Paddington and collapsed onto the train home. I am now bathed and fed and cwtching on the sofa ready to go to bed early for work tomorrow. Was planning a quiet week but then remembered am driving to Lancaster to run on Weds night then driving the 4 hours straight back again! Happy days!

Thank goodness the thought of Luca keeps me going! See ya xxx

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