Post Lancaster – week 47, run 48!!!

No sooner had I finished London then it was back to work and then an annual leave day to run in Lancaster.

I drove to Lancaster yesterday afternoon accompanied by my long suffering mam – we had a real proper heart to heart chat for half the journey which was fab (well at least for me – cant speak for mam!)

We drove for 4 hours (again!) and got stuck in traffic (again!). We had left lots of time this time though so we got there 1.5 hours early which was fab. There was a cycle race on before our run (about a million mini Bradley Wigginses who looked amazingly and scarily professional warming up on their rollers and wearing cleats – neither of which I can balance on). Anyway, after accidently getting mixed up with them and wondering how I was going to run with all the cyclists, we found where we were supposed to be and it turned out the start was delayed due to the cycle event. It then got delayed a bit further due to a cycle crash.

We eventually started at 19.55. I had met a lovely lady before the race who was a nervous as me at all the “proper looking” runners around us. I knew instinctively she was going to be fab and indeed she was. It was very nice to be able to chat to her beforehand though and she even kindly took some of my cards for Luca to spread the word.

The run itself was lush. It was flat and pretty (but very hot!). I had been off my food all day so had fuelled up with a star bar, some cough candies (well, a lot), a latte and some quorn sausages. Yep – u have guessed it, that all added up to me feeling pretty horrid at the end. I had also driven up all the way with my ongoing buttock and leg pain (now convincingly sciatica) which was very uncomfortable.

At the last lap of the run, one of the organisers came out to run the last half k with me to encourage me home (mam had been talking to a lot of people on this trip – so much so that she had to rest during my run and sit quietly with a crossword puzzle!).

Anyway, the lady cheered me on and encouraged me (madly) to sprint for the finish so did a reasonable-ish time for me of 63 ish minutes (still not getting any faster – think the diet and recovery issues may be the answer to that!)

I had to lie down with my feet up for some time after as my body wouldn’t stop shaking and I really thought I was going to be very very sick. Mam patiently gave me tea, some crisps and a lot of worried looks (I think mostly surrounding the fact that it was after 9pm and we still had a 4 hour journey back to face!) Don’t blame her really – she must have thought she was dicing with death.

Anyway, “refuelled”, we started our journey home. Mam, Dad and my sister all wanted me to stay overnight rather than be tired driving home. I agreed to see how things went but I was really quite hyped after the run – 1) because the people had been so, so lovely and 2) because I had actually survived.

Therefore we started on our way. Mam did a grand job of chatting to keep me alert and her awake. A 2am finish for a 72 yr old was pretty impressive I thought.

Anyway, our conversation ranged through the amount of lorries on the road at night, which junction we would be coming off at next, the different flashing arrows on my sat nav and the “sleeping lorries” at the side of the road, and reached a whole new level of surrealism.

In addition my mam appeared to have a sudden need to say “Croeso y Gymru” and “Sir Fynwy” (pretty much correctly pronounced after 47 weeks learning) at regular intervals, although entirely out of context to what we were actually discussing at the time. Not sure the late night was helping her state of mind!

We stopped for coffee and a toasted tea cake – marvelled at the guy who managed to turn this into a 30 minute task despite us being the only customers (we stopped watching him when he opened the oven to a great gust of steam and an overwhelming smell of burning) and gratefully left with 2 somewhat crisp like offerings.

Dropped mam off at 2am, went home to have a bath (flatmates away on holiday so “borrowed” bath for the night) and went to bed at 3.

Roll on Birmingham on Sunday…………..

PS Chatting pre run to a guy who suddenly ran off mid conversation (talking about Luca – what else!) and then presented me with an entry form to a half marathon in January in Preston. He is organising this and said if I run it he will give me a pound for everyone who has entered to give to Luca.

Having said I will never run again after this challenge – that was an offer I could not refuse. So I said yes! Now look what you have got me into lovely Luca Williams !!! xxx

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