Post Hull and York, week 49, runs 51 and 52 !!!

Hull and York 10k 006

THE END OF THE YORK 10K (very welcome!)
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Well what a week. Full on at work and really, really tired. Started new strength training programme – disappointingly I don’t appear to have become toned after 30 minutes. Apparently I have to keep going……

My Friday was a bit mad – busy morning at work, get home asap, pack (yep, not done it the night before…), get to the railway station and travel to York. 4.5 hours of train journey later and I was there. My lovely friend Lisa picked me up and having seen the look of me immediately cancelled plans to run in Hull that night. Basically I was asleep on my feet and looking around 90 yrs old.

Lisa drove me to her very lush house, put me on the sofa, banned me from moving, made me tea, cooked me food, put on a movie and then sent me to my bedroom for a superlush sleep. Sleep wasn’t long enough but it was fab.

We got up and went to her treatment rooms (she is a physio – and very good!) She had a private client and then she treated me. Oh, it was lush! She was so good and my painful buttock almost went away completely!

We then drove to Hull and stopped at the riverside complex. We set off to run in the very hot morning and we were both very slow. I was slow because

1) I am never fast and
2) because I am having big problems with my calf as well as my buttock and the calf was really really sore.

Lisa was slow because
1) she had done a half marathon a few weeks before and
2) she had done a 10k hill run the day before
3) she is doing a marathon in 2 months time
4) she has a niggly calf injury. (I didn’t know hardly any of these facts at the time and I am in awe that she pushed on to keep me company – an absolute star!)

In addition to that, when I ran ahead at times, she watched my running style (lucky her!) and pointed out what was going wrong! Poor girl didn’t have a chance of a break from work for the whole weekend!

Anyway, we finished, went for lush food and then went to a movie. We bought some snacks for the evening and drove back to Lisa’s house again. Once more she put me on the sofa, banned me from moving, made me tea, make a carpet picnic, put on a movie then sent me to my bed (much earlier this time) for a superlush sleep. Awesome girl!

This morning we got up and drove to Papa Wiles house (Lisa’s dad). He dropped all plans, drove us to the run, held our kit and hung around for us to finish. He also hung around to keep us company in THE longest toilet queue ever – 25 minutes. It was approximately 500 people to one toilet ratio – how was that ever going to work!. I had to reduce my usual 3 visits to one for fear of missing the entire race.

Papa Wiles pointed out that if I was desperate I could just use the side of the road. After all, if it is good enough for the elite, then it is good enough for me! Ha ha – that was never going to happen (at least not intentionally!!!)

The race route itself was picturesque, through York City centre. It was very hot at times and we got beaten by the obligatory guy with a fridge (how many of these mad folk are there???!) and for the first time, 2 penguins. Good variation on a theme York!!!

We ran quite slowly having run the day before. We both had calf issues and the heat was……………hot!

We finished hand in hand across the line and found Papa Wiles, picked up our goody bags, lost Papa Wiles and then fortunately found him once more. He drove us to the station and I made the 4.5 hour journey home with no dramas.

An awesome weekend and Lisa went out of her way to make it as stress free as possible – totally indebted.

Off to do washing, paperwork and tidy up then bed. Next week there and back to Sunderland in a day and a run in the middle. Stretching the boundaries of feasibility to the limit!!!

Thinking of you always lovely Luca xxx

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