Post Sunderland – week 50, run 53!!!

Luca for Sunderland blog

Particularly ravishing foto of myself this week (not!)

Would it be unusual to start my blog saying I am tired/lazy/eating the contents of the kitchen? No? Ok then – take it as read that that is the way the week went

I did however join Curves – just what I need to help with strengthening part of training (never too late!!!) as it might just keep me in one piece to the bitter end of this challenge!!!

Anyway – this run was a mad one. I decided to go to Sunderland by train, run there and then come back. This would mean I have a day to myself on Sunday this week – a rare treasure since 2nd Sept last year – woohoo!

I was going to leave at 8am then decided I would get up an hour earlier which I did. Faffed around so much I had to run to get the train – not ideal! Calf has been a bigger problem than my buttock this week and I am starting to worry. Had some treatment which improved things a bit but it is far from right. Running down the hill to the train station was obviously ideal (not!)

I decided to splash out and upgrade to first class (woooo – get me and my delusions of grandeur!) especially as the journey was around 6.5 hours. I had packed plenty of things to do, lots of water, my favourite pink mini pillow and some good food and I planned to leave my luggage in Newcastle and then get the metro to Sunderland and pick it up on the way back (no storage at Sunderland)

Well as it turns out, there was no storage at Newcastle – it was closed for refurbishment! Apparently there was a storage place 10 minutes walk away (yay – needed some exercise!) but I wasted 15 minutes trying to find it and being sent back and forth to the train station (“they have one there”- “no it is closed, they told me” – “no it is definitely there” – “ok, I don’t believe you but I will walk back the way I came for the 14th time, its not like I have a run to do or anything” (and actually catch the last train back home today!)

Anyway, I gave up and took everything to Sunderland. On the journey I thought that as my rucksack did not weight tooooo much (ha ha) I would just have to put it on and run with it (because I am obviously so good and speedy minus any load!!!)

As it happens, by the time I had put all the clothes I was wearing (well not all of them – just the unnecessary ones) and my bits and pieces all in the rucksack – it wasn’t exactly the lightest! In addition, I had to ditch my 2 litre bottle of water I was saving for afterwards as I really couldn’t run with that. I also had to sadly say goodbye to my pink pillow – was devastated! I could not fit it in my bag and I really didn’t relish running round the City of Sunderland holding it. I looked odd enough as it was!

I found some men at the recycle bins and asked them which one to put my pillow in. They were a little confused. I explained that we were parting (forcibly) after years together (me and the pillow – not me and them – they would have been right to be confused if I had said that!) – they then asked if I wanted them to take a photo of it for me – funny men!!

Off I trotted (well more like was propelled down hill due to the heavy weight) and found a riverside to run by. I kept thinking the bridge was the Humber bridge and how lovely it was but then I remembered I was in Sunderland – obviously this challenge has not improved my Geography!!!

I ran fast (relative term), slow, slower, and snail pace in turns and the whole miserable thing took me 78 minutes. All I could picture was Luca looking at me in amazement as if to say ” a bit of calf pain – you think you have got problems! Just man up Dee ” (he wouldn’t have actually said that but he would have def been allowed to think it!) That made me laugh to myself, feel very silly as someone was passing at the time, and made me keep on going!

I finished the run looking cool calm and collected (obviously not!), made my way back to the train station and took another train 6.5 hours home! I managed to get an earlier train as I had started out earlier and ended up being at home but 21.30 which I was very pleased about (if a little shattered!)

I was kept company for the last 2 hours of my journey by my niece messaging me on Kik (I guess the equivalent of a facebook type thing) as she is on holiday in Greece. She made me laugh out loud at times with some of her observations (again unfortunate for my appearance of sanity in front of the other passengers but hey) and made my journey go very quickly.

I got home, had a bath and went to bed. Next week…………………..nothing!!!! rest weekend – cannot wait. Seeing physio for my calf and buttock and hoping for a miraculous cure. Hmmmmm!

Speak soon x

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