Post Dundee and Perth week 52, runs 54 and 55!!!


Perth blog

For the eagle eyed amongst you – I have had a week off!!! It was amazing! I didn’t realise how much time there was in a weekend- I visited people, I had supper with the lovely Luca and his family (really fab), cleaned, washed, tidied, bought food and still had time to socialise – what did I use to do with all that time before I started running for Luca? Who knows!

Anyway, my leg needed the week off – I am having real problems with my buttock pain (ongoing and getting boring) and my calf pain which is getting worse. I saw Andrew my awesome podiatrist at ACE feet in motion (kindly fitted me into a non existent appointment to help me out – or stop my moaning – not sure!) and he changed my orthotics a bit to try in Dundee and Perth

This was the last flying adventure with my mam and so I was determined to be on my best behaviour and not to be horrid and teenage like. This lasted a day I think!

We got safely to the airport (after a train journey to Bristol Temple Meads/or is it Parkway/no its def Temple Meads / no I better check with that man/ oh, he wasn’t convincing – I had better check with that one/ and that one……..fortunately for me and my mother’s continual checking, the train turned up in the middle and put us both out our misery (Temple Meads by the way in case you wanted to know!)

We got to Bristol in…………….plenty of time – who would have thought it eh?! We did a bit of moseying about the airport and then boarded the plane to Edinburgh. We spent the journey trying to work out the schedule for the last runs of my challenge and we soon landed.

We hired a car (after some effort I can tell you – the guy at one counter told mam he could hire her a car but it would be much cheaper if she booked it online even though he was in front of her. He went into a great deal of detail about this and mam began to regret asking and eventually gave up).

Avis kindly gave us a charitable discount for the car hire and we drove off in rather cute tiny ford fiesta – we both had transient ideas of stealing it as it was so beautiful – don’t worry, it was never going to happen – between mam’s anxiety and my conscience and both of our worrying, we would probably have made it to the nearest police station and handed ourselves in!

We drove to our first destination in Dundee where it appeared we were staying in the Addams family hotel – it was fab and characterful!!! It also looked a little mysterious in the drizzle of Dundee. We likened it to our favourite quirky hotel of the challenge so far and it took on even more similar proportions when I sat on the loo seat and it gave way. I rescued it and myself in time to see mam try to open the wardrobe doors and then stand there laughing hysterically at the door knobs that had come off in her hand!

As I finished dressing I turned round to find mam again laughing – this time at the light bulb that she had brought with her for the trip. Apparently this was the bulb for her cooker hood that had made it through customs in her handbag where she had left it and forgotten it after a journey to buy a new one in town the week before. She decided to throw it away and not risk trying to get it through customs again. Only my mother!!!

I didn’t feel like running (bet you wouldn’t have guessed) after a couple of weeks off (“rehabbing” – read doing nothing and moaning a lot whilst consuming the obligatory packets of fruit pastille ice lollies!). However, we found a bridge (turned out to be the Tay Road Bridge which is pretty famous and definitely showed up the fact that the 10k tour has not improved our geographical knowledge at all! – we definitely missed dad as mams answer to most my questions was “Dad would know”. Fortunately for Dad, our memories were so bad we couldn’t remember any of the questions to ask him by the time we got home!

I ran across and back the Tay bridge – it is approx. 1.5 miles each way apparently and so my run went pretty quickly (not time wise – that was the usual plod!) and I managed to finish before mam had an anxiety breakdown at me running in the dark in a strange place that we had just randomly picked and that had only a few street lights.

We went back to the hotel and ate and settled down for the night. Not the best nights sleep for many reasons (did I tell you the window was also broken?) but the next day we had a leisurely breakfast and popped into Dundee and bought some new trainers (yay!) and then drove to Perth.

Perth was lovely and the weather was pretty nice. We (literally) looked around the Cathedral – we couldn’t get in as it was only open Mon to Thurs, found somewhere to eat tea and cakes (yum) and did the obligatory reccy to find out the race start. Our hotel was lovely and was pretty much in the centre of the City and we could walk to the race start in 15 mins! Result!

We bought a few bits (only just remembering in time that taking home a supersaver box of Bold wasn’t really feasible on the plane)

We came back to the hotel, lounged on the beds and then went down to supper which was lush. We went to bed early and sleep was a little better than the night before.

The following morning we had an unrushed start and got to the run in plenty of time (read ridiculously early yet again!!!) The run was ok – better than the one 2 days earlier but really really sore on the calf with the orthotics not magicking the pain away like I had (unreasonably) hoped they would!

Anyway, we went back to the hotel, had cream tea (again) and took the car back to Edinburgh. We had plenty of time at the airport and a quick flight home (with me only marginally on the right side of stroppy teenager mood -over tiredness by this point is my excuse).

We were picked up by my lovely sister, brother in law and niece, holding a large noticed for “Clark” and dressed in 10k tour T shirts for Luca. They had planned to raise the profile of the challenge with their behaviour (unfortunately we appeared to be almost the only passengers in the airport and the only profile raising was theirs with the increasingly interested looks of security – all for the wrong reasons!). Reassuringly we all appear to be as nutty as each other!!!

We were dropped home where I did the obligatory unpacking and washing, ready for a few days break on my lovely friend’s farm with the gorgeous Jorja Grace. Totally lush!

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