Post Wolverhampton – week 53, run 56!!!

Family support!!!


Well this weeks run came around pretty quickly! The first half of the week I spent on my lovely friend’s farm with my gorgeous niece. We had an awesome time, driving sheep, guiding sheep (all pretty badly) and running around on the farm quad bike.

We did a lot of chatting and didn’t get too much sleep but it was entirely worth it. Jorja is the best thing in my life.

We had a few days at home doing “stuff” (none of which involved any improvements in my diet or any exercise at all) and then prepared for an early start to Wolverhampton on Sunday morning – at least that was the plan. Thankfully my sister read all the documents (unlike me) and realised we would have get up before 5 to get there on time (this is impossible for me – 7am is early!) She therefore organised rooms and maps and all things race necessary to get me to the start having had sleep and eaten properly – a godsend!

I in the mean time took myself off to the lovely Andrew Lewis for an Osteopathic opinion regarding my ongoing saga of the buttock pain. He did some careful treatment which I think appears to have helped a bit at the moment (fingers crossed) and after speaking with the other Andrew (of the Orthotics variety) I decided to give my calf pain another go on the altered orthotics (see later!)

I was full of cold this weekend which brought out a whole new level of self pity – I let everyone know I had a cold and was generally mis (for a change)

We got to the hotel (looked lovely), walked round Dudley and were going to go to the Castle except it would have cost the family £50 and we just didn’t have that kind of money. We therefore amused ourselves in the obligatory sweetshop (gob stoppers are MASSIVE these days!) and had coffee and cakes before returning to our hotel. We had supper later in the evening in the hotel and sat next to a lovely couple from Cwmbran! Small world. We aimed for an early night which kind of happened but I was disturbed a lot by my annoying cough and inability to breath and apparently Kerry and Paul had the noise of parties outside their room until the early hours – not so good for any of us!

Early this morning we drove to Wolverhampton and the had a leisurely coffee before lining up to start. There was a fun run, marathon, half marathon and 20k cycle on as well as the 10k and it was really well organised.

I was not feeling the greatest but started off pretty good (yep you’ve guessed it, excuses coming!!!) I placed myself behind a girl that I guessed by her pace would be running around the hour mark and kept up with her for the first 5k. I actually let myself imagine getting a sub hour time one year to the day since I started my challenge and that is when it all (unusually!!) unravelled. I felt short of breath, my calf hurt like nothing else (I have discovered I cannot hop on that side without pain – don’t ask why I thought this test would be a good idea but I also tried it out pre race to see if it had improved – it hadn’t and 10k of pounding certainly didn’t help!) and I seemed to have no energy at all.

I finally dragged my sorry self over the line at 66ish minutes – continuing the enigma of how I have got really no faster despite running for a year. I suspect I have no talent or ability for the activity and so have to keep myself going by reminding myself that at least I have kept going week in week out even if I am rubbish at it!

Anyway, at the end of the run I felt terrible – thought I was going to be sick and had to lie down for a bit. I eventually got going (sadly having found out I lost a favourite glove during the run – bought by my Mam so upset 😦 and we got back to the car and got home in the early afternoon.

We have had a lovely Sunday lunch and now I am catching up on all my chores for returning to work tomorrow – too soon!!!!!

See you next week x

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