Post Lichfield – week 54, run 57!!!

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So, the week leading up to this run went – work, work, work, birthday evening out seeing Leonard Cohen – awesome (and thank you Kerry – best sis in the world!), oh and amazing gifts from Mam and Dad and JG, work, work, JG birthday fish and chips and cake (awesome!!!), a bit more work then Saturday to catch up on all jobs – actually spent the day clearing the aftermath of having my new ifone 5 stolen the day before (new sim, finding out my old handset was locked, no sim converters to right size of old Nokia and then waiting for unlocking of handset – may take 2 weeks!, police reports and visits to Tesco where it happened) – absolutely gutted but hey, such is life. Back to the old handset for another 2 years it is!!!

Tried to go to bed early as under strict instructions to be at Kerry’s at 7am so set 5 alarms (DO NOT want to be late!!!) and made it there with 15 mins to spare (small bothersome dream about gargoyles I cant remember clearly but it was emotionally exhausting sleep)

Anyway this morning Paul drove us to Lichfield – smooth journey with no traffic and no getting lost (Kerry had about 10 maps to make sure of this and I swear there was a detailed aerial survey as well as a well walked google earth pathway involved. We turned up in plenty of time and had a coffee- the run was really well organised and there was a sports centre to use proper toilets in – yayyyyyy!!!

Kerry and Paul did some amazing work getting the PA guy to interview me so I was able to tell the crowd about Luca and my challenge which was cool. I felt pretty good in myself and think on the flat I would have had a pretty good time. Unfortunately – it was not on the flat. It had the kind of gentle inclines that went on for lots of kilometres but my legs did not manage to keep up! I was therefore slow (again!) and when I finished I was very glad.

Paul informed me Shrek had beaten me this time and Jorja told me that she is keeping a list of all things I have been overtaken by during this challenge (you remember, the man on crutches, the man with a fridge, numerous bananas, batman and robin and a couple of giant babies (!?) to name but a few. I think she is creating a new angle for motivational speeches!!!

We had a straightforward journey home and despite feeling very very unwell when I got home (? sports beans overdose) I am now recovering, doing all bits and pieces for work tomorrow then spending the evening on the sofa!

This week Luca started school (on my niece’s birthday actually). Huge moment for him, his family and we like the fact it was on Jorja’s birthday. Hope you are having a rest too lovely boy

See you soon ! xxx

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2 Responses to Post Lichfield – week 54, run 57!!!

  1. Kerry Howard says:

    As always well written…it was fun…apart from the wasp attack and the lack of sweets,…but we did come away with a football and a fantastic performance

  2. deesc30 says:

    Oh noooo! I forgot the wasps! Not so sure about the football though xxx

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