Post Carlisle Week 56 run 58 !!!

Ok sat in bed about night before week 57 run 59 and still not written last weeks blog so here goes

1) Had week off running after Lichfield
2) was supposed to pick up my 2 new kittens but they ran away (long story)
3) spent weekend off up to eyes cleaning house ready to redecorate
4) left old job
5) started new job
6) no exercise
7) revels diet (the winter equivalent of the summer fruit pastille ice lolly diet)
8) got up on Saturday and got on train to Carlisle
9) didn’t upgrade as feeling too stingy
10) got to Carlisle after 4.5 hours
11) lovely bar solo allowed me to leave baggage in their bar for free
12) ran/walked 15k as my half hearted prep for Cardiff half – took 2 hours – nearly died – hadn’t exercised at all for 2 weeks except sanding skirting board – over took a man dressed in full armour – that’s a first – staggered to a halt at bar solo and picked up my stuff to go home again
13) found lovely police lady who took my foto for me at Carlisle station
14) bought chips and cheese
15) got on train home – 4.5 hours- didn’t upgrade as feeling stingy and tired this time (oh and couldn’t find first class)
16) got home, had bath and went to bed
17) sunday came and went in a feeling of hangover (only with out having drunk) and the week started again

that was my story – I am shattered and getting fatter, slower and more tired by the week!!

see you next week – oh no, I mean tomorrow!!!

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2 Responses to Post Carlisle Week 56 run 58 !!!

  1. Alan says:

    Hi Dee, Alan Taylor here you propbably dont remember me I am the runner at lancaster who said I would give you a pound a runner from the Inskip Half Marathon. Hope you are ok and not feeling to knackered. I have put the event up on runners world and give your cause a bit of a plug and asked evey runner to donate an extra pound on the day so hopefully tou will go away with a thousand pound for your great efforts all the best Alan T.

    • deesc30 says:

      Hello Alan – I do remember you and my mam and I were discussing you on the way to the Preston run wondering if you would remember me! I am keeping my part of the bargain – you said that you would do this for me if I ran the half marathon so I am doing that – I have the entry form in my inbox and on my list of jobs to do! Thank you so, so much for the support x

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