Post Preston – week 57 Run 59!!!

Preston 10k

Well this post went the way of the last one (actually much worse as I have now completed run 60 so here is a quick run down of run 59)

1) Heavy week at work
2) Last trip with just my mam – it was very entertaining and rather sad – I shall miss our chats and our joint madness!
3) Arrived at hotel after loooonnnnng journey.
4) Hotel like something out of the twilight zone – greeted by reception who kept asking if we were in the right place (we began to think they must cater for a very specific clientele of which we apparently were not one! I tried to find out why they were so surprised I had booked (and paid!) but nothing – no conversation – I genuinely thought maybe we must just look genuinely dodgy! Any way, suddenly the receipt turned up and it was announced that they could put us in a room (not sure that reserving a room by payment meant the same to them as it did to us!) The room was……………interesting. And the TV didn’t work (remote powered by 2 crusted and squashed batteries).
5) We quickly went into town – bought obligatory milk and tea bags and took shopping with us to Nandos. Lush meal – and never ending frozen yoghurt = yum!
6) Went back to hotel and went to bed. Lets just say Preston has night life! A lot. Loud. Ongoing all night! Enough said!
7) The run was like being at least 58 races back! My target became just to run the whole 10k. It was also to finished in less than 70 minutes (abandoned that one and just stuck to the run one). I did manage it and was shattered. Look how far I have come……………not!
8) This was a special, special journey home as we stopped at my lovely friend, Lynn’s farm as she had found my kitten that I was going to have a month ago. We returned home with mam regularly chatting to Willow Pumpkin seed and he (and my mams chat – made the whole thing worthwhile- am struggling big time with tiredness. Hang on around 20 mins and you should be able to read about run 60 too!!!

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