Post St Albans – week 59, run 61 !!!

Well, keeping to form I am writing this super late = am sitting in the comfort of my aunty and uncle’s house enjoying my rest week and slowly getting round to writing my blog

I spent the week prior to St Albans busy at work and trying not to leave too much for my weeks annual leave. I desperately needed a break and was at the point of thinking I couldn’t face the train to St Albans and back and so decided to use my last “close to” City and run in Wells instead.

This all changed when my “non improved by my challenge Geography” realised that if I was driving to Oxford for a reunion on the Saturday then in fact I was only around 50 mins from St Albans and so I may as well run there before heading back home on the Sunday – this would also give me 2 whole days off to myself on the Monday and Tuesday – a total luxury!

I therefore set off to my reunion with my class of 1983 Nursing colleagues in the Belfry in Oxford – it was totally fab and so lovely to see all the girls again after over 20 yrs! I had 2 very late nights (completely worth it) and then drove to St Albans on the Sunday late morning. I got quite lost (surprise) and it took longer to find somewhere to park to run than I had thought – partly because the torrential rain made visibility terrible and partly because I couldn’t find any parking that was legal.

I eventually found a parking space next to a park and also close to the Cathedral and had to get out and actually run. I had hoped all the delaying tactics would have lasted until the rain stopped but it was not to be.

Guess what – it was slow and painful to run and I pretty much resented every second – the rain was constant and very wet and my knees hurt like mad (obviously the revels/fruit pastille diet recovery plan from the Cardiff Half was paying off!) I pretty much ran round in circles (round a lake – not on the spot= although tempting) until I finished 10k – thinking all the while about Luca and his baddies on his knee that are preventing him using his legs – this guilt tripped me into at least making the effort to run the whole lot however slowly, and to thank my lucky stars for my health and ability to chose to run and walk on my own legs at will.

I finished triumphantly, looking forward to my rest week and asked some poor unsuspecting tourists to take a photo of me outside the Cathedral. I got over excited about this and ran off in the wrong direction and lost my car. My happy mood got darker as I walked around for 30 minutes crossly looking out for the place I had put my car. My knees had both got quite puffy and every step was irritating me physically and mentally – good grief girl – I really need to give myself a big mental kick up the backside sometimes!

I tried to take a photo of myself that included a St Albans sign, my hand and me not looking too gruesome. Eventually a kind lady took pity on me (after admitting she had been watching my attempts with much amusement!) and took the photo for me.

I got wearily into the car and drove home. It stopped raining just as I finished my run and restarted in time for the journey home – it was a dismal day, run in a dismal mood but as always worth it for Luca.

I got home and spent the evening with my knees covered in bags of ice – I am hoping they manage the last part of my challenge.

As an aside, next week was supposed to be a fundraising party for Luca arranged by my amazing friends from my Kilimanjaro climb, and my sister.

For lots of reasons we have had to delay this party and I feel so bad as Gareth, Nigel and Kerry have put such a lot of work in. Anyway – my thanks this week is to them and I am off all week attempting to make these painful swollen knees bend enough to be able to sand and paint my front room ……………..

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